Did You Drink Or Take Some Form Of Drug For Anybody To Ans

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put in what u know - April 16

I just wanted to know if you anyone ever seriously over drank during their pregnancy ( maybe they didn't know they were pregnant) or did anyone take some form of drug. What is the outcome? How is you child? was he/she abnormal. And how harmful is a drug or liquor at thirty four weeks


Kay - April 16

I had drunk alot of alcohol on new years eve a big bottle of vodka , BUT i didnt know i was pregnant , i am 18 weeks pregnant at the moment and the baby is healthy and fine :) Drinking alcohol throught out pregnant is NOT recommended for obvious reasons. Alcohol is harmful to the baby in any week/month


nicola - April 18

I didnt know i was pregnant until the day i gave birth!! i always used to eat well but i was out partying EVERY night and most nights came home paraletic! now that ive had my gorgeous baby girl, i dont drink anymore and my baby is fine..... thank god. My advice though is that if you are pregnant then look after yourself cause not all might be as lucky as me.


Audrey - April 18

There are those that say alcohol is ok in moderation, but I believe that if you're pregnant, you should avoid alcohol and any drugs period. Even certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy to reduce the risk of certain infections. Best of luck!


??? - May 1

I smoke pot every day , sometimes more than once, and I found out that I was pregnant...if you stop when you find out it shouldnt harm the baby


katie - May 1

its not recommmend to drink or do drugs throughout pregnancy...i dnt but i did up until my 15week wen i found out...and im havin a really bad pregnancy...but i dunno but i wud recommend not drinkin or doin drugs especially at 34weeks anyways take care xxx katie


Cara - May 1

both drugs and alcohol can have very harmful effect on a growing baby! At 34 weeks you should def. know that you are pregnant and being making deciosn based on the health of your child not on what you want to do. I took perscription medication before i knew i was pregnant but i stopped righ away and Ethan was ok but the doctor made sure i stopped immediately b/c most medicines (and esp. illegal drugs) have harmful effects on a baby during pregnancy!



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