Different Scents

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AylaRose - October 26

ok i was wondering if different kinds of scents can make you sick while pregnant.. My boyfriend wears axe spray. It never made me sick before until like a week or two ago.. Now i cant be near him when he has it on..... is it normal?


Corrie - October 26

Yep, sure can. Its an early symptom of pregnancy. Some women have a heightened sensitivity to scents. Even your favorites, such as the smell of your bf's cologne, can make you feel sick and gag. The smell of grease and cigarette smoke, did it for me! This is caused by the higher levels of estrogen in your body in early pregnancy. So, can it be a symptom? Absolutely.


AylaRose - October 26

Even if you are four months pregnant it can still make you sick?? its like my favorite scent too... I feel like a horrible girlfriend when i tell him that he needs to get away from me before i get sick..


Corrie - October 26

aww..don't feel horrible. When I was pregnant, I couldn't be around grease all 9 months and I loved bacon and all that greasy stuff! Don't worry, soon, it will pa__s...eventually. Till, then, see if maybe he could change from Axe to something else that may not make you feel so bad. Good luck!


freebird - October 26

I didn't have any morning sickness when I was pg, but the smell of Chinese food made me want to hurl all the way up to the day before I delivered.


AylaRose - October 26

I hope he does something because i want to be able to be with him.. thats not the only thing i cant smell chocolate either it gets me sick too...


Stephanie_31 - October 26

No chocolate! That sucks. I am 17 weeks and I still can't stand the smell of pizza. It started at about 5 weeks. I was sure that pizza was going to become a pregnancy staple meal cause I was so tired by the time I got home for work but Nooo way! Hopefully next pregnancy I will get to take the easy way out.


AylaRose - October 26

its really difficult.. being only 16 and 4 months pregnant with twins its not easy understanding everything but thats easy to understand.. either get sick or stay away lol... It sucks not being able to smell chocolate... i dont like chocolate but i love the smell of it now i cant smell it lol


Corrie - October 26

I think I would be depressed if I was pregnant and couldn't eat chocolate...Haha (I'm a choco-holic.)


Grandpa Viv - October 26

Sure. things smell different when pregnant. There is one theory that says you are attracted to the smell of your mate before you are pregnant because he has different genes, which are good to mix with. After you fall pregnant you want to be with genes of your kinfolk, for protection, and the bf then smells bad. Good luck!


R__ - November 17

yes that is normal. it happens through the pregnancy. generally different smells with different people.


xKarax - November 19

Smells that I used to love made me ill with my 1st preg, and ive not been able to smell them since without gagging!



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