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AmericanReject - February 12

okay me and my fiancee are trying for a baby as you know...and i thought we had our names for our babies set.....we both liked apollo for a girl ...so that was our main name and were not changing it for anything...well...so for a boy we decided on the name aidenn for the first name..and that wont be changed either...so we worked on middle names and in the end i decided on apollo kadence for a girl and aidenn bailey for a guy....the guys name was fine and he liked it...and he hates the name kadence because he plays piano and thats part of the music..aparently...so we made a deal that i could use the name if he could name the second girl ava...because i dont relaly like that name...so i agreed...now hes saying he never made that deal ...so he wants to change apollos middle name to bailey....so now...he likes that name and i dont have a middle name for the boy..although i had my heart set on kadence so i'm just kinda upset about htat...i like the name apollo bailey but just not as much as apollo kadence...so my question is...which do you like better..in you rhonest oopinion...and why...and then what i should do about how i feel...i mean..i like both..but i like the other one more....i dunno....so please help


babyonboard16 - February 12

I like apollo kadence personally. Ironically my chihuahua whom i adore his show named is aiden bailey


AmericanReject - February 12

i agree with you ...but he likes apollo bailey..and i really liike baliey for the boys name...i mean..we have a high risk for a girl and thats what we both want...hes giving in and he says he'll do it but i mean..i dont want him to be upset with it..i mean he seems to give in to what i want because he wants me to be happy...i mean....what do you think of the name Apollo Gabriel...i mean that naems kinda growing on me..but he says thats a guys name..so i'm just getting furious..i mean...hes soo picky and indesisive.....i mean..god...were not gonna call her by the middle name...jeeze....he wan'ts me to name the baby joyce...but his mom and everyone in there line thats a girl has that in there name and i hate the name personally..i mean..i want my child to have their own name.....i mean.. i hate it when guys like my dad named there son albert jr and him naming his son albert 3 because i mean...jeezegive the child his own name


KaseyA - February 12

I know what you mean about the "jr's" That bothers me to. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and we haven't even decided on any names. On Feb.22 we have our big ultrasound appointment so as soon as we know what the baby is we'll finally decide.


AmericanReject - February 12

yeah i know...things like that just bther me because all through my family and his are names that are pa__sed down...and i mean..i had the discussion with his mom about it..i'm reallllly sticking my ground on staying away from the names in the line....so like joyce and michael for his family and monique and albert for my fmaily...so i was like whatever....so i like the names Apollo Gabriel, Apollo Kadence is my favorite..i think its adorable and a very strong name...Apollo Bailey is what he wants...so what yall think


apr - February 12

are u pregnant yet? y talk about a name when a baby doesnt even exist, let alone the gender of the baby... you might change ur mind a trillion times. sorry if this sounds rude, I hope it doesnt sound this way, but there is no reason to argue over something that is totally unexistant... first get pregnant, then find out the gender and THEN discuss names...


EricaLynn - February 14

I am definitely bias about the name bailey. (obviously) We grew on Bailey so much we named our daughter that. I think it is more of a girls name personally, and I totally love the name bailey. She is 6 weeks old and her name is Bailey Autumn. Sorry if Im "against you" but I totally love that name!


AmericanReject - February 14

first of all apr..i dont think your rude...but i come on here looking for friends who will share in my excitement..i said we had a disagreement..not a fight..we are both still very happy..and we would like to pick out names now..not later becuase we are that excited...and i mean..everyones running around this site saying things like am i pregnant..and could i be? and you all hate it when people ask those questions...and when i post something like about names...and just asking honest opinions...people either dontt answer or anything..i mean..i feel like startin my own forum..cause this may be one about support for people who are already pregnant but it is also a forum about people who are ttc.....and we dont wish to wait to decide our names because we are excited....anyway...erica lyn...yeah i love the name bailey dont get me wrong...lol....just think that would be best suited for a first name instead of a middle...lol...and it doesn't really go with apolllo i dont think...



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