Disapproving Grandparent What 2 Do

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needing my babys daddy - September 23

i'm 20 yrs old, my boyfriend is 17yrs old, and his whole family hates me... He loves me & our baby living inside of me, but we have to hide our relationship from everyone. His mom said that she will not except my baby... what can we do so that he can move out & live with me???


Carrie - September 27

Give the child up for adoption and grow up! You're not ready to move out. You don't even know how to take care of yourself. Get real girl!


missy - September 28

i was sort of in your position before but my babys dad was older than me. its time for him to realize that he has got to be responsible and become a man. if he can lay down with you, say he loves you, and then get you pregnant, he has to learn that no matter what his family says you two have a connection together and are going to have to live through this together. im not saying that you neccessarily have to live together but he has to show his family that he is about to have a baby by the woman he loves and regardless of what they think you are still going to be there. his mother may say that now but once she sees the baby she will change her mind. i dont think you should worry about her at all. as far as him moving out and living with you, he needs to decide that not his family. if he truely loves you and is ready, he will pack up today not tomorrow, and move in with you. good luck and i hope i made some sense.


To Carrie - September 28

Did you even read the post? She's 20 years old and is asking if her boyfriend should move out of his home into hers. Why did you jump on her like that because you read the message mistakenly?


Re: to Carrie - September 29

What I said still stands. At 20 she's still too young to have this child and keep it. She's hiding the relationship becasue her family doesn''t like it? That's childish! if she were and adult she wouldn't be worring about what her family thinks and she'd be dating someone her own age. A lady 20 with a 17 year old kid? Come on!! Why can't she date someone other than a child? This is NOT a healthy relationship or family.



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