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Bebita_Linda - May 25

what does a yellowish discharge mean srry i now its of topic


Evonna - May 25

Usely Yeast Infection. I have been getting alot of that lately and thought it was normal, but my doctor told me it was yeast infection and that it is very common during pregnancy and prescribed me a yeast infection cream my previous apt. the 18th of last week. My doctor told me it wasn't normal to get a yellowish discharge so i'd get that checked out.


Bebita_Linda - May 27

so yellow discharge means pregnancy with a yeast infection


Lillie E - May 27

well no you don't have to be pregnant to get a yeast infection... i think you should get that checked out


Bebita_Linda - May 27

but how do you get that


Emma2 - May 29

NO NO NO yellow , white , creamy , liquidy or whatever color you get DOES NOT mean pregnancy. Discharge alone is probably the worst thing you can use to detect pregnancy.


maren - May 29

yeast infection is just a bacterial infection not sure how you get it exactly but it can be treated with over the counter medication. If left untreated it will get worse!


Emma2 - May 29

Yeast infections can be caused by number of factors. Not wearing cotton underwear causing the moisture to sit there rather than be absorbed by the cotton, not drying yourself properly once again too much moisture. These are a few reasons but there are plenty of other causes.


Bebita_Linda - May 29

OK just another question wat about a white or clear discharge but the white is kinda like egg color maybe lighter.


Bebita_Linda - May 29

oo and another question is i thought it was normal to have sum discharge i read it some were. Me an my grl friends get so confused we hear and read one thing and people say another thing.


Bebita_Linda - May 29

i mean a woman is all was leaking sumtin or discharge . sumtin that her body lets out rite . i also remba reading sum were that depending on a discharger it can be a sign of ovulation and pregnancy.


Bebita_Linda - May 30



clare - May 30

emma2 is right you cant use the colour of discharge to detect pregnancy. yeast infections are very common in pregnancy i am 26 weeks and i have had it never before i was pregnant. you can also tell if its an infection by the way it smells (kinda gross i no)


sophandbob - May 31

You can catch it in a variety of ways, and intercourse is one of them, but you can get it without having had s_x. The bacteria that causes the infection can lie present without is going on to cause the infection, such as the menegitis germ can live in the mouth without you getting the disease. Poor hygiene can set it off too.


Emma2 - May 31

a sign of ovulation YES! of pregnancy NO....basically I go here and it will explain cervical mucus and the times to have it. www.woomb.org



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