Diz ShYt WiLl Fuq YoU UP

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I'm keepin' my baby - January 6

Ok see i'm about 6weeks and I was really considering having and abortion simply because i did'nt feel like I was ready to be a mom. you know that's biggest role you will ever play. Then somebody emailed me and told me about his site called SILENT SCREAM . This shyt really fuqed me up. It changed my views on alot of stuff. Like life is precious and if your not ready emtionally, finacially and physcially to be a parent then please please STOP FUQIN'. Stop havin' little slip ups like becuse reather or not we chose to admit it abortion is murder and watchin' silent scream help to realize that. So if you wanna see it go to your search engine and type in Silent Scream. I know abortion is something that i considered but I don't think I could ever put someone through that.


Lisa - January 7

Personally, i think that site should be banned! That is exactly the intention it has, to try to make women and girls feel guilty about terminating a pregnancy. It is NO ONE elses business. The choice needs to be made based upon how YOU feel, not the views of others, people should mind their own business and worry more about what is going on in their own lives. Is the person who sent you to the website prepared to help you out if you find that you are unable to care for your baby, help you financially, support you if you can't provide for your child?? I don't think so!!!


Rosey - January 7

Well me personility i don't believe in abortion so thats a big no no. Don't ley nobody change your mind about any thing make you own decisions make sure they be the right ones think wisely my grandma alwya told me that. if you want to talk email me at [email protected] any time you want to talk to anybody bye talk to you later.


becca - January 7

i couldnt have an abortion either but i think u r rng in sayin no 1 should because it is not our choose 2 say other peoples disitions r rong


I'm Keepin' my baby - January 7

I'm not knockin' what you do because I already have little boy who is my world you know everybody is their own person and everybody makes their own decsion. What I was sayin' was We should all think twice before lettin' "him" put the head in. I'm just sying being a parent is alot of responsibility and I'm 19 in College with a great job and my home and I have my babies daddy and I'm still afarid of havin' 2 so imagine being 14 and havin' a baby what can you really give your child when your still a child yourself. I'm not knockin' or critizin' i'm just think alittle becuse it's always gonna be momma'z baby father's maybe


becca - January 11

erm to everyone its called writing in text form n im sure ur a dumb a__s n u got kids so shut the f*ck up b___h


(*) - January 11

I agree with Lisa on this one. That site and video should be banned. It’s made by anti abortion groups and if you think about it scientifically (and common sense) what they say on that video is not correct or true at all! I’m not saying abortion is right or wrong – it’s a personal opinion and to each their own! But anti abortion groups will go to any length to scare and stop people from having an abortion…and that to me is wrong. It’s a tough enough choice to make as it is and there it’s so wrong for these people to make it any harder for women. Just so that you all know common sense about science can tell us that video is all lies…and also while a fetus can not survive on it’s own an abortion can not be considered murder!


Sally - January 12

She changed her decision on her own since she deceided to educate herself on what she was about to do to her baby. She decided not to be ignorant and look to see what would happen to her child. What is so wrong about that. * This is in regards to the first response on the forum*


Mommy2Kylie - February 10

I've seen that sight, it doesn't change my views in the least, its biased, and stupid, and should be banned. No woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy shes not ready for, period. Being a Mother is the most importnant role a woman will play, but if shes not ready to play that role, then shes not going to do a very good job is she? Then really, whats the point?


someone - February 10

v, do you not believe the baby moves away from the instrument in fear? oh, I guess it's just special effects right? I think some of you do not like those kind of sites because in reality you can't handle the truth. You are in denial of what abortion really is. You can say whatever you want to try and justify abortion but it still does not make it right.


To someone - February 10

You're easily led and must have a very fickle brain. But I forgot, those sites were created by someone like you so naturally your going to believe them. Because you all believe what someones told you and don't have the mind to think for yourself. Zombie Nation.


Linda - February 10

That was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen!


abortion - February 10



guest - February 11

does anyone here believe in god


Re: Guest - February 11

Yes, With all my heart.


guest - February 11

okay what i dont understand these days are, when people say they believe in god, and god does things for a reason right? well for those who believe in god y get an abortion..if u think u cant handle a baby because of financial reasons, or maybe because your still a child yourself, or for whatever reason you have. i think god intended for that to happen...even if you give the baby up for adoption or if your gonna be a parent to that baby.....the point is that a fetus is still life. and to I'm keepin' my baby..this is not for u...its for the other ladys that think having an abortion is ok...


Hi - February 11

I'm keepin my baby, Now i'm not here to make fun of you but your first post said you were considering an abortion because you were not sure you were ready to be a mom, and your second said you have a little boy. I would like you to sit down in a quiet room and write down what your head is saying/thinking, do not edit it just post it here, because at the minute your actually not getting any help, you've just started a debate about abortion. Obviously you were trying to give advice however you should look after yourself honey. There is always real help here despite the responses you got earlier. GOOD LUCK!!!!



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