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Annon!!! - September 4

After going to another Q&A part of this site (second trimester) there was someone on there who is in her second trimester of pregnancy and is now wanting an abortion-someone that left a message to her left this link:- http://www.abortiontv.com/silentscream.htm This tells you exactly what happens to your baby when you are having an abortion-i did'nt watch the video on there but just read what happens,i could'nt bear to even think about watching the video as i was nearly being sick reading what happens,Im sitting here now crying my eyes out knowing that people can actually do this to there own flesh and blood!! So if u dont wanna get pregnant use CONTRACEPTION..and dont have abortions!!!


Katie - August 24

Whoever you are Annon you are bloody out of order, women have the right to choose, What if the women was raped? or if the child was going to be born like a cabbage? or you wern't finaciallly stable to raise a child? i'm all for using contraception, but you have no right to force your opinion on to others. Don't judge people for making there own decision's!


J.J. - August 24

But just like you Katie she/he has the right to express their opinion...I am not saying that it is right what she is doing, But really you cant bash her for saying dont have an abortion when you are saying yes get an abortion depending on the situation. and YES it is up to themother whether or not she can handle the birth of a child, But in either situation, you are both just expressing your opinion.


Annon - August 24

Katie-whatever the situation abortions are wrong!!dnt bother telling me basically not to express my opinions if u dont like what i have to say then thats not my problem,what i was saying is that someone on the Second Trimester Q&A board is in her second trimester of pregnancy and is only now deciding she wants to have an abortion..that is totally wrong-abortions should be made illegal especially so far along in pregnancy.Poeple who do abortions and kill babys for a living should be put in jail or killed themselves.Have u actually seen the way abortions are done?the babies tiny limbs are ripped away from the body piece by piece..depending on the size of the baby the head is crushed and dragged away!!you and NO-1 can tell me that is a good thing-or the right thing to do.I hate abortions and i dont think that anyone should have them done. In cases where the child would be severly ill and in pain all their life is a different story..many people out there are trying for babies and cannot have babies and would do anything just to have their own child and then on the other hand you've got people going out sleeping with any guy they can find using no contraception getting pregnant and then just killing their baby because its not right for them-if firls dont want to get pregnant then they should make sure they are using contraception/birth control and if they are not ready to be a parent then they are obviously not ready to be having s_x!!!because the only thing that comes out of s_x is more life!!!


Shorty - August 24

I agree with annon, after going to this website and seeing these pictures, I have no respect for anyone who goes ahead and makes a decision that leaves behind this.... if you wanna see, take a look at this link... if you don't you have no idea what you are defending. http://www.abortiontv.com/AbortionPictures1.htm


Katie - August 25

I did actually go on the website before i posted, the pictures and images were terrible, and maybe the time limits for abortion should be reduced, but you can't say abortions are wrong. And can you honestly say 'annon' that you would rather allow your child to be born if they were going suffer a great deal? could you live with yourself? You are int_tled to your opionion just don't try to emotionally blackmail people in the process


SaRaH - August 25

I am totally against abortions, but it is the womans choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Annon - August 25

Katie-obviously you did'nt read what i wrote in the last post-i said that if the child is going to be severely ill and suffering thru its life then maybe that is a different case.but even tho they have not been born yet they are still human beings and have a right to live!! Basically-the unborn child is a human being and when it is being aborted itis being killed-when a human being is killed it is called murder..so putting it down to that abortions are murder and no1 can say they are not.I am 7 months pregnant and looking at those pictures made me really upset-i just dont know how anyone can put there own child through that-weather it has been born or not!! Yes it is the womans choice to have an abortion..and i know most women probably dont even know the procedure of abortions-and if anyone can look at them pics on that site and still go thru having an abortion knowing that is going to happen to their unborn baby-then they are mentally sick!!!


brucen - August 25

Once again I ask, If you people believe it's murder what does it matter if it's rape, or going to be severly ill, mentally incompetent or the mother may die from it---the outcome is the same. If you can put those stipulations on whether a woman should have an abortion, then all others should apply as well. More than half of all abortions occur under 9 weeks, the procedure mentioned above is not necessary in a sucessful medical abortion carried out at this time. It maybe fair to say time limits for abortions would not have to be reduced if accessibility were increased. Approximately 45% of women who have abortions later in their pregnancy site affordability and/or limited access to services as the reason(s) they waited so long.


Katie - August 26

Well, 'Annon' since you are pregnant maybe i should just put your unfair outburst down to hormones!


brucen - August 26



To Katie - August 26

Oh... and how the hell are you going to know if your kids are going to suffer in life... hey how about when we all go thru bad times in our lives, we just get our parents to kill us.. I mean, we came out of their bodies, so we are still a part of them right???? Their flesh, their body..their choice..


Life - August 26

Annon: I consider myself against abortions. However, I do believe that abortions can and should be a choice in the case of RAPE or INCEST. There are sighted cases where 8 year old children have been the victims of incest or rape and why should an 8 year old have to carry a child, which might I add is difficult for some woman under normal and healthy conditions, to do not to mention the mental anguish that 8 year old child has already gone through with the incest? Although, I believe what I have stated I still feel it is the woman's right and choice to decide and who am I to stand in judgement of another human and their decisions. Do you truly believe being judgement is more accepted by God than having an abortion?


=-Z - August 26

This is NOT a religious debate...... so dont even go there


Kat - August 26

To Shorty: "Just because people think its thier body, they run away with the idea that the can do whatever the hell they want". Do you realise how that sounds?? Put yourself in a position where you would have to do something for your body (and I don't just mean abortion). How would you feel if someone said you had no right to do whatever it was with your OWN body just because someone else didn't agree with it or it was 'morally wrong'. I'm not looking for an argument or childish debate, I am just genuinely interested in what you think.


P.S - August 26

And when is an abortion, a benefit to your body?


Katie - August 27

Whoever posted 'to Katie' i wasn't talking about 'o i've brocken a nail' kind of trauma, i was talking about sever disabilties. Personally i wouldn't have an abortion, say if, my child was gonna have downs syndrome but i would if it was going to go through life, stuck in a wheelchair, paralysed. I would hate to see anyone i loved go through that let alone my children. Annon for some people who have abortions they didn't take the decision lightly, some people feel like it is an alien plagueing their bodies, some people feel like it's either them or the baby. So you see, even if they did die in the process they wouldn't care. They wouldn't want your sympathy. They would just be glad it's over



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