Do A Test

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Bigger - February 5

I am so sick of seeing posts called "could I be?" or "what are my chances?" If you are wondering about the possibity of pregnancy DO A TEST. Nobody can tell you if you are or not by reading a vague post where you talk about when you stupidly had unprotected s_x. DO A TEST, then ask questions.


Mommy_to_be - February 5

I agree. And the excuse....I don't have money or a way to get c___p. You can buy tests for as little as $1 at the dollar store, and what, do you not have any friends who can take you to get a test or pick one up for you?


Rhiannon - February 5

Yeah. Or walk. If you are pregnant the exercise will do you good.


abriamiacadia - February 6

Thank you, Thank you, do you realize how many times i've posted something saying that...but of course no one listens...kad;klja lol


AyameLovesXion - February 7

I agree.


Noodle - February 7

maybe these girls are just wanting to know if its likely they could be, just so they dont feel they have wasted money on a test and not be. i have several times bought a test and then walking home came on my period. maybe they are just looking for rea__surance


angelll - February 7

thank you Noodle, I agree. :) as I have spent alot on tests and dollar store tests? Im sure they work great lol; also its nice to talk about it somtimes!


abriamiacadia - February 8

...dudes, if you wait a few weeks, dont stress and still dont have your period...Your more n likely pregnant. PLUS why ask us? We're not doctors...kldfj;alksjdkf and i surely dont wanta be on account of i pa__s out when i see blood. SO if your worried ..WAIT, RELAX, and seee if your period is still late =D


jessicaspatherapist - February 8

sorry to b___t in....but wanted to let you girls know that the dollar tree tests work great and they are one of the most sensitive tests on the market. i got my positive test only 9 days after i conceived with a dollar tree test...and hey, how can you go wrong for a dollar!?


mummy2paris - February 9

i se where your coming from but i have a daughtetr and had a scare a while back n it was nice to ask on here kinda calms ur nerves


Miloswife01 - February 9

No one can predict whether someone is pregnant or not. Instead of clogging up the boards with Could I be go take a test and you will know for sure. Then everyody wins you find out and people don't have to read the same annoying posts that the only way to know is for the one wondering to actually take a test. I'm not trying to be mean its just that it is very annoying. And FYI I tried the Dollar Tree ovulation tests and I also used ANSWER from Walmart at the same time jsut in case the Dollar Tree ones did not work and they didn't. I haven't tried the pregnancy tests but I don't trust them since the ovulation tests didn't work. And Lastly as far as the cost of a tests goes if you can't even afford to buy a pregnancy test how do you think you will be able to afford a baby. I have an 11 month old daughter and am currently 6-7 weeks pregnant now. Hubby and I planned both babies. But Planned or not babies are not cheap.


Miloswife01 - February 9

Oh ya and I know all about wasting money on pregnancy test I have probably spent well over a hundred dollars on them but it is the only way to find out other then to wait it out or to head to a doctors office.



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