Do I Marry Her Or Not

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ryan - October 26

well, i see that there are mostly females on this site, but it doesnt really bother me since ill take all the advice i can get. my ex girlfriend told me she was pregnant a week ago. we dated for about a month, then we broke up. all she ever did was beg. i worked my ass off to buy her a diamond ring(not fake) and she got mad because i couldnt go out right away and get her a matching necklace. im 15. i only make so much money on my job. she begged, and then all she wanted me to do is hang out with her and her friends only.then, she'd fuss when i didnt want to. finally, i couldnt take it anymore, and broke up with her. well, as i told you before, she came to me and told me she was pregnant. the next day,i remember it because it was that tuesday, we told our parents, and they actually told us that we had to get married. she wants to get married, but i dont. i already have a girlfriend, and i plan to keep on dating her and get married eventually. she's the best thing that ever happened to me. i dont even know if im the father of the baby. she cheated on me once. what am i supposed to do? marry this girl or what?


E - October 26

DO NOT MARRY HER. Sweetheart, please listen to me very closely. You and she are not supposed to get married unless you are in love and of legal age. I don't care who wants to sign you guys away, they are wrong to do so. Marriage is its own responsibility and is not to be confused with parenting. Sometimes, mature couples can succesfully combine the two but at 15, I a__sure you it is not possible. Please find out if this is your baby once he/she is born via a paternity test. Best wishes:) XOXO


E - October 26

And start a savings account in the event it is your baby b/c you will be a father and it will cost money. Marriage costs money too and I know you cannot afford both at 15. Baby first...


Viv - October 26

You dated her for a month and she cheated on you once? You bought her a diamond ring the first month you dated her? I don't think either of you is mature enough to get married. I don't think you are mature enough to be thinking about marriage with the new girlfriend. The average is 5 or 6 relationships before you settle down, and the average age for males is 27.


anon - October 27

Agreed. I'm 18 and having my first baby, my bf and I are very much in love and have a healthy stable relationship and have been living together for awhile. we plan to get married but baby is coming first and we are going to get more financially stable first.


Elle - October 27

Don't marry her. I can see you both being miserable because you don't get on and are too young for this. And if you two are miserable and constantly arguing, the baby will have to grow up around this. The only reason your parents want you to get married is so that it looks better for them for they way they look and they are obviously very old fashioned.


steph - October 27

ok my bf and i broke up and i am now pregnant i do not ewxpect him to marry me nor do i expect him to not see other girls the only thing i do expect is for him to love my child and be the best father he can to it i am 16 and he is 17 i do still love him and he says he loves me but is afraid of commitment but i dont understand how he can be when he has a child on the way you should not marry her if you do not want to be with her tell her exactly how you feel and your parents


........ - October 27

do not marry that girl she probley aint even prego


Here's your answer...... - October 27

Look here Ryan, at 15 I doubt you're capable of providing for yourself let alone a wife and possibly baby to be. DON'T MARRY HER! First thing is to get a paternity test as soon as it is possible. If it turns out to be yours, yes, you will be legally and financially responsible for it but DO NOT MARRY HER BASED ON HER WORD. If you find out the baby is not yours, learn a valuable lesson as it could have been yours and your responsibility. If you can't keep it in your pants, use protection. Its not just STD protection and pregnancy protection, it is protection against legal and financial problems. You don't need those problems. Don't get trapped!


qp - October 27

You really felt the need to ask that question? Grow some b___s, how are you going to let people influence you that much to "wonder" if you need to marry a girl you dated for a month, not to mention YOUR FIFTEEN. Who gives a rats a__s what her parents say, your parents would have to consent and essentially sign you off even if you did want to marry the flake. I recommend chalking this one down to say you’ve done it and either shrink wrap the little one next time or keep your peiner in your pants.


Lout - October 27

Dude, what the hell are you doing??? If all she gives a d__n about is a friggin ring and helloooo!!! you are 15!!! DONT MARRY THIS GIRL!!!!!!!


name - October 27

You're not even old enough to drive a car.. LOL



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