Do Know How To Tell Him I Want To Wait

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Kris - March 31

I'm 16 and I was raped when I was 15, it was my first s_x experience. I got pregnant, I have a great little baby boy. I also have a wonderful boyfriend that loves my baby, but he wants to commit to me and I want to commit to him to him, but I am just scared that I will get pregnant again. I dont know how to tell him that I just want to wait. And my other question is, how long after you have a baby can you start taking birth control?


Daisy Jean - April 1

Kris, This is perfectly acceptable. Just tell your boyfriend how you feel. If he cannot accept it then it really is his problem, no matter how he feels about your baby, which, by the way, is sweet. There are ways to protect yourself from getting pregnant. The pill is very effective if you take it like you should. Also the shot is good. If you decide to have s_x and go on the pill, there is no reason you can't asked him to use condoms, too. It is your future to take control of- you have every right to do that. Good luck. How old is your baby boy?


Cece - April 1

Kris, first of all, I wanna say congrats on wanting to wait. In a society like ours, girls can often feel pressured into having s_x. I know I was, and I wish I had the will power you have. It's great that ur bf is good with ur baby, and if he really loves and cares about u, he will understand and have no problem waiting. He should also understand that it may be hard for you to have s_x because of the trauma you most likely went through when you were 15. I'm so sorry that happened to you. But, if you're worried about getting pregnant again and really do want to commit to him, then the pill is a good option. But, if you are worried about pregnancy and STD's...I'd go with using a sponge and condom combo. (A sponge is kinda like a female condom, look it up on the net for more explanation) Hope this helps you...good luck with your baby boy. : - )


? - April 1

That was a horrilbe thing that you experienced. but u need to tell your boyfriend how u feel. he should understand. If he doesn't that is his problem.It is your body . U control it. I think the pill is a good idea but i would also wear a condom


Kris - April 2

My baby boy is 9 months. His name is Dirk and he is all my life, I have talked to my boyfriend, and he understands me, but I still feel like he is holding something back. When can I start taking the pill?


kirstin - June 7

As far as the birth control question: As your gynocologist that you should be seeing now that you are a young lady and especially now that you're a mother. As far as telling your boyfriend: just say exactly what you said in this entry. If he loves you and you love him, he'll understand. If he doesn't than I would say that's a pretty good sign that he's not "the one" after all. I spent six long years on a realstionship that was going no where but bad. And worse and worse. If you think you wanna be with someone for a VERY long time, then you shouldn't be afraid to tell them anything. You're life parter should be (in my opinion) the one person you can tell anything when no one else will listen or understand. This coming from a young wife and soon-to-be mother. Godd luck. e-mail me at [email protected]


Jaya - June 7

im 14 and have a baby girl whos nearly 4 months old and i was raped. it was my first experience to. ive decided that i wont have s_x til im at least 16. my boyfriend has no problem at all with this so dont worry, he will understand that you not quite ready for it yet.


m/meg - June 13

the only thing hes holding back is prolly the fact hes thinking with the wrong head,when u'r young sometimes its the only thin on u'r mind.good soooo sorry that happend to u,i went through the same thing,just with out the baby.I took the morining after pill....Why didn't u?


Kris - June 14

I went to the doctor about 2 hours after it happened. They told me I could take the morning after pill, but I had a problem with if I had something starting to grow in me that I would kill it and I couldnt even think of killing something that was going to become a life. So that is the main reason I didnt take the morning after pill.


Tiffani - July 5

iam 16 as while and i just say tell him you would like to waite and feel comfurtable doing somethng s_xual than feel uncomfturbale and he should understand,my boyfriend did now yes we have had s_x but he waited for me to say when i was ready because i told him that i wanted to waite. so your boyfriend should understand. and i dont how long you haft to waite till birthcontrol after having a baby all i can say is ask a doctor. i hope i helped .


Em - July 5

You can always use a condom, if you dont want to use birth control. If you don't want to have s_x at all then you should tell him, Im sure he will undersatnd.


Audrey - July 5

Kris- Usually it is not recommended to go on the birth control pill if you are b___st feeding because the hormones can get pa__sed to the baby through your milk. Speak to a doctor about it. In the meantime you can use condoms and v____al foam or film as backup.


Wrong - July 5

Audrey, stop telling these girls that doctors do not recommend being on the pill while b___stfeeding. When you go to your two week appt., after having your baby your doctor will perscribe to you mini pills that are safe for you to take while breasfeeding.



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