Do Parents Have The Right To Make You Have An

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hmm.... - October 15

well lets see....when i was 15 (im 17 now) i got pregnant and i had my baby when i was 16.....i didnt tell my mom until i was 16 that i was pregnant...i mean at first she was o.k. i guess you would say but then she started changing and she said that well im going to take you and MAKE you get an abortion!! and i was saying to her...."no you cant because i have consent it and if i dont then you cant make me get one.." and she said to me "well your a minor and i can make you have one done..." i mean it was a very stressful time in my life....but the whole reason im posting is because me and her were arguing the other night and she said well i could have made you get an abortion!! but i was wondering is it true that she could have made me get one since im a minor?! i have heard that she cant because it has to consent the mom and dad of the unborn baby....well please answer!! thanks!! no rude comments please!! :)


To hmm - October 15

Would this be your second child? Your parents can't force you to have an abortion. Ask yourself these questions before saying no to your mom. Can you afford a baby? Do you want to get up at 3 am in the mornings for feeding? Can you work and finish school at the same time. What about the father of the child? Do you want to give up your teen years? Will this put a strain on your parents? Just think about it


to hmm- - October 15

u shouold not have to ask urself those qwuestions.....we all know the answer to those u cant think about that we u are pregnent....u think about the one thing thhat comes first...YOUR BABY.......she is old enough to except the consinqunes no mater what this is somethin she has to deal with....i had my baby when i was 15..... i had her in the summer and started up school again i know a lot of girls in my school that did that.... i still have a edu.... and wakeing up in the morning maybe bne hard but deal with it its not like ur dieying. NO ur mom cant make u have one done it is not right dont let her.... so do u still have ur baby?


cyndi - October 15

no parents can not make you, if you say u do not want an abortion they can not do anything about it and later on if u decide to have an abortion they will take it as your parents made u get it so even then they are very hesitant ( and a lot of places will not do it )


My answer - October 15

Let's be honest... what did your Mom think would happen when she dragged you kicking and screaming from the car in the abortion clinics parking lot?! Did she think little people with restraints would come out and hog-tie you and drag you inside? What then... forced sedation in the waiting room? I don't know how your Mom would really think she would be able to force you to have an abortion. You also have to talk with the Dr. at the clinic (they call it councelling) before the abortion. He / she would not have done the abortion on you if you had said you didn't want it.


Jen - October 15

No, she could not force you. You have to sign cosent papers to have it done even if ur a minor. However, in some states without her consent they may NOT give you one if you wanted it.


hmm - October 16

thanks for posting!! yeah i still have my baby he is gonna be one soon!!! and the 1st person who posted on here....well yes i know all those things are hard but i made it through it and my mom was there to help me in the end....but yeah im still in school...i dont have a job but my boyfriend does (the daddy) and honestly i dont care bout the whole teen years happy as i am with my family:) but im not being just saying...but thanks for posting everyone!!!:)


chirs - October 17

ur parents can not tell u 2 get abotion they don't have a say because ur of age but if u want da baby den keep it but if not then get abortion k


Anna - October 18

No, she cannot force you to have an abortion. She's trying to scare you. Which honestly, you should be scared, but in answer to your question, she cannot legally force you to have an abortion. No reputable clinic would take a screaming 16 year old and strap her down for a forced abortion. Tell your mom, you may be young but you know your rights.



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