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Jazmine - April 29

Do u guys think that 16 years old is too young to get pregant yes or no? I am 16 years old and I really want to get pregnant!


katie - April 29

nooooooo....plz think about it first..u hav the rest of ur life to hav a baby...aleast wait until u hav finished skool...i no i cant say anything cause im 14 and pregnant but seriously think about before u do anything...take care xxx katie


maya - April 29

age don't matter to me. if u can support u and ur child without welfare and all of that sh** then go for it. if u r ready for the pain and feedings and diapers and doc appointments and pre-school and crushes and periods (if its a girl) and 18 years of a child then go for it.


Lynn - April 29

I think 16 years old is 2 young to have a baby. I think u should wait until u are older, more settled, and more prepared.


Jazmine - April 29

Well i just really want to have a baby. I just wanted to know if I should wait. You guys explane to me why u think 16 is too young or not.


To Jazmine - April 29

Being 16 is not too old to have a baby but you need to hurry things along......time is a wasting. You'll be an old maid if you're not careful.


Daphne - April 29

Hi Jazmine, well I'm 18 and somewhat in the same situation as you. I want a child too. I know everything it entails and I just really want a little boy or girl of my own. But I know that it isn't the right time. Are you living on your own or with your parents, do you have a guy that loves and cares about you and would be there if you had a child. I know how you feel I want a child more than anything in the world, but my boyfriend of 2 and half years thinks we should wait and I agree. I think you should too. 16 is not young if you know everything it entails and can support the child financially and emotionally but can you do that? And are you sure? You don't want to have a child that does not get enough love or is not in an emotionally and financially stable environment would you? if you want to contact me my e-mail is [email protected] I understand what you are going through and your wants and urges I have all thoses too so if you want to talk contact me.


Berly - April 29

I am not here to put anyone down but you wanted the honest truth whether or not 16 is too young. In my opion yes and here are my reasons.... I got pg at 16 and the father was a huge drug addict I wasn't he didn't want to be there and I lost the baby a few weeks later. Although it hurt me to lose the baby I now realize it was in gods plan and I am happy not to be tied to him for the rest of my life. I was still in HS and I wanted to go to college and I was given that chance! trust me when you get older like me you will look back and say wooh glad I didn't go that route!! I want whats best for you and trust me school is b/c jobs are hard to find I know. I am 21 and 19 weeks pg and I can't find a job to suit me at all. I hope that helped!!


katie - April 30

u hav the rest of ur life infront of everything...i just think u sud wait aleast until u can support your baby and give it everything it needs but obviously i cant stop u from gettin pregnant but just think about do u think ur parents will act and ur friends and everybody u no...its goin change ur life big time but it watever u decide so take care xxx katie


sandy - May 5

well i think that is ok because i would also love to have a baby from my actual boyfriend but the thing is that im 14 so its too early.


latesha manton - May 24

yes i think that is way to young because it will ma__s up your life


Jazmine - May 24

well n e wayz u guyz keep tellin me that i am 2 young and that i will be mess up my life. How will a baby mess up my life?


Jessica - May 24

Hey there well i think 16 is to young to get pregnant because you are so young and have so much to live for but if you really want to then do it


brooke - May 24

hi im 15 and i might be pregent and im scared and i dont know what to do i dont want to tell my mom and dad cuz they will be mad and i dont know what to do but im goin tomorow to take a pregencty test i hope im not pregent....brooke



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