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*~*ASH*~* - January 16

hey well umm im on birthcontrol and me and my boyfriend have had s_x like 3 or 4 weekends ago and since i thought i was protected very well we had unprotected s_x and well he c_m inside me so well ever since then ive been worried tht my birthcontrol didnt protect me like it is soposed to do b/c lately my stomach has been hurtin like pms cramps and ive been feelin sick form the time i wake up till i go to sleep and my lower bak hurts too and my br___t are tender and ive been eatin alot cuz im hungry all the time and ive had like over way too much gas.but i dont know if i gonna miss a period yet b/c i dont start till this week sometimes ima allready on my green pills in the middle and ive been soo tired lately like i want to fall out and go to sleep and have been goin to the bath room like crazy b/c i gotta pee soo could someone plzz tell me!! thx


Paola - January 16

mmm it preety much sounds like u are pregnant but i would recommendly would tell u 2 take the pregnancy test and use the morning urinate k..bye


Heather - January 16

Those are all signs, so you can take that and just a__sume you're pregnant - or you can take an actual pregnancy test. That's all anyone here can tell you.


maren - January 16

Hi i was on birthcontrol and my doctor said that it is normal to miss one period while on the pill so dont freak out to much if it makes you feel better to take a test you can but it may be too soon to show up on a test. If you miss two periods in a row i would for sure take a test and make a doctors appointment.


Grandpa Viv - January 16

If you started on bc pills recently, you are probably getting side effects from the hormones - sounds much the same as early preg signs. Even so, it is a good idea to use condoms as a second level of protection. Good luck!


*~*ASH*~* - January 17

Hey thx for yalls help ive been using the birthcontrol for 2 months now...and if i do miss my period i dont wanna be like takein my b.c for a whole nother month if i am just to wait for another period to come along...and ima only 16 years old and my mom put me on b.c for a reason so i wont get wat do i do like how do i tell her?


*~*ASH*~* - January 18

hey its me again well yall i just got my period today was like a brown color w/ rele dark blood eww sry to tell yall tht but could i still be pregnant?


hmm - January 19

You freak out when you're period's a little late, and then you freak out when you get it. If you're this worried, stop having s_x.


Marybeth - January 19

ASH, it seems like you really need to educate yourself a little bit. If every little thing is going to cause you to panic, then you need to stop having s_x, because you can't handle it! Birth control pills don't keep you from getting things like aids, herpet, hepat_tis etc., so start using your head a little bit.



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