Do You Think I M Pregnant HELP

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Mary - August 30

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x on wednesday (And a couple times before and after that, but the wed was the only time he actually cam inside of me) and I fear I may be pregnant. I've only felt nauseated once so far since, and it only lasted a few minutes, and never came back, nor did I throw up. Also, the two days after intercourse, I had felt tired once during each of those days, but laid down, ending up not falling alseep, but feeling fine after a few minutes. And then, I had read about the early signs of pregnancy last night, and have found that cramps are a sign, and woke up with a few slight cramps, nothing serious, but maybe that could have just been in my head? Another thing, I usually always had discharge, ever since I can remember hitting puberty a few years back, but ever since losing my virginty (Wednesday, being the first time my hymen broke) I hadn't had any at all! Which I'm hoping is a positive thing. I really don't want to be pregnant. I'm expecting my period on the 6th of september, so I still have a while to wait to find out ...if I get my period, does that mean I'm not pregnant?


brittany - August 29

there could still be a chance of you getting pregnant, and having a period anyways. after your period is due, you need to take a pregnancy test.


Viv - August 29

I think the answer is that you have a one in twelve chance of being pregnant. Only time will tell for sure. Anything going on with your bod right now is most likely in your mind. It sounds like you had unprotected s_x right at the most fertile time of the month, half way between the beginning of periods. This is also the time of month when a woman most wants s_x! Plan B (the morning after pill) would have reduced the chance of pregnancy if taken in the first 72 hours (preferably 12 hours). Please use a condom every time from here on out. Make putting it on a part of the game. If it is important that you not get pregnant, use another form of birth control at the same time.


Saz - August 29

I dont think you would get nausiated two days after you had s_x...or feeling tired, symptoms can take up to a montyh to show and the first of those is usually a missed period. STOP having unprotected s_x and then you can stop worrying about this stuff!


Mary - August 30

Thanks for your replies ...and I don't plan on having unprotected s_x EVER again! I've definitely learned my lesson and don't wanna ever go through this again!



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