Do You Think Im Pregnant We Did Not Use BC All Summer

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Tina - August 21

I've been having s_x with all summer with a boy I met atthe swimming pool. I'm spending the summer with my dad and so is he. I'm 13 and he's 15 1/2 . My last period started on 1 June The day I left to be with my dad. I lost my virginity on June 13th and we have had s_x sometime twice a day. We are the only kids here in the apartment complex and soon we were going from the pool to his bedroom so make out and then we started having s_x. I feel fine except once in a while I get nausia in the morning, I don't like my boy friend to touch my br___ts any more and my nipples are brown from all his sucking on me. Why do boy's like to suck on nipples? My nipples were more sore than my viginia when he took my cherry. I have a HPT should I use it now or wait until I've been home and have not had s_x for 3 weeks.I haven't had s_x for 3 weeks? I feel that I have really grown up this summer.


- August 21

umm didnt u already post about this like the other day....basically same story...


- August 21

Jennifer: Do you think I might be pregnant? Question: Heres are the facts. Please tell me if you think I might be pregnant. I have been spending the summer with my dad. My parents are divirced and dad lives about 2000 miles from my mom. I'll be 14 on the 5th of September. I met this boy at the apartment house swimming pool. This is a small pool only 5 feet deep and no lifeguard. Well we went swimming everyday and most of the time it was just the 2 of us in the pool. we got to be friends and one day he ask if it all me inside my top and I told him yes it was and he told me to prove it so it took my top down and showed him. He ask if he could touch me and I said yes. He told me we should go to his dad's apartment. He was spending the summer with his dad also. Well after making out a couple of days we had s_x. He ask me about my period as he did not want to get me pregnant and would get some condums. I told him that I was not having my period yet so he did not need to worry. He knew I was only 13. We did not keep count but likely had s_x more than 50 times during the 8 weeks we were together. Tomorrow I am going home to mom's. I was putting my stuff in my suitcase for the trip and realized as I put my tampons in my suitcase that I have not had a period since I got here 10 weeks ago. I kind have signs of pregnancy my b___sts are larger, feel full and are hard. My nipples are brownish rather than pinkish. I though this was because Mike loved to suck in my nipples after having s_x. I'm eating all the time and this is the first time that my period has been late. I generally have a period about every 4-5 weeks. Do you think I might be pregnant? Please give me your honest answers.


Grandpa Viv - August 21

It's OK to post twice, and even to use a different name. The best thing to do is just post a "bump" or some extra information in the original thread, which makes it come back to the top of the list. Anyhow, no periods, feelings of nausea and darker nipples are enough signs to make a home test necessary. If you got pregnant when you ovulated June 15th you are now near the end of the first trimester with a due date of March 8th. When your mom says "Welcome home, I'm glad to have you back" straightway say "I'm glad to be back too, but I have to tell you I think I might have gotten pregnant while I was at Dad's". [email protected] and Good luck!


tina - August 21

You might be preg or you probably will be soon if you don't buy some condoms. Do you want a baby?



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