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worried - August 9

do i have to have an adult with me if i want to get an abortion or go doctors for a pregnancy test??


Dawn - August 6

dont get an abortion. if u dont wanna keep the baby then keep it till full term and give it up for adoption, but yea i think u would have to have an adult with u but still dont do it


Theresa - August 6

It depends...How old are you? I don't think you should make such a decision to quickly. Please talk to someone first. Then lay out all your options on the table & pray about it. remember your hormones are raging right now because of the pregnancy. I know you are confused, but talk to the people on this message board, & get advice & do your research, i think you will feel better in the long run, & then make a good , informed decision for yourself. Bless you & good luck in whatever you decide.


brucen - August 6

It does depend on your age AND which state you live in. ALL doctors will perform a pregnancy test, just to confirm that you are pregnant before any procedure is done.


Steph - August 6

You don't have to have an adult present to have a pregnancy test ( I belive) and as far as abortions go.. there's only about 7 states that allow abortion without parental knowledge... most states say you either have to have them with you or tell them 48 hours prior.... although.. again in those states... most of which will excuse you from these obligations if a judge says so.... as far as the abortion goes.. it's your choice ... ALSO for abortions... it's only if you're under 18 or 16 not sure which that you have to tell parents


Christobal - August 7

read a "Pro-Choice" article and a "Pro-Life" article. this is an age old debate about whether abortions should be legal (but it lists goods and bads about getting, or not getting, an abortion). and dont let others tell you what to do. they dont know your situation. read for YOURSELF then make the decision YOURSELF.


xxxxxxx - August 8

don't get an not tryin to make you feel bad or anything..but you made the mistake of having s_x before you were mentally and physically ready..i did to..and if your dont need to kill the baby because of your mistake..if you can't keep it because of money or whatever then give it for adoption


Shorty - August 8

No you don't need a parent with you, and whatever info you tell your doctor is confidentual. Don't get an abortion, you made the decision to have s_x, you need to wake up and live with the consequenses of that action. Good luck


brucen - August 9

The consequences of becoming pregnant as a teenager do not HAVE to result in you becoming a teenage mom. Weigh all of the options available to you, and make the best decision for you--not people you don't know who feel you should do one thing or another because THEY would!



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