Does Any1 No Know About The ECP Emergency Contraceptive Pill PLEASE TELL ME

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girl14 - August 15

the thing is, does any1 know how old you're suppose to be to buy that pill? please help! I dont wanna be pregnant!!!!!


brucen - August 13

I know of no age restriction for ECP, but you should call Planned Parenthood to be sure. 1-800-230-Plan. You can also order these pill online if you live in one of the follwoing states: Oregon, Washington, California, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Ma__sachusetts, and Missouri. Three states that i can think of sell it without prescription, there could be 5. I believe they are CA, AK, and WA.


??? - August 15



babiix - August 15

you can also go to a local clinic and get it .. for me it cost $10 , and it only works 5 days after you had s_x so get it as soon as possible


Jess - August 15

God is with you. Why not have the baby and get married to the father?


Shorty. - August 15

Its a combination of oral birth control pills that must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. Effectiveness: 80% & Pills are available by prescription. Take the first dose of pills (usually 2-4 pills) and after twelve hours take the second dose of the same amount. The pills cause a period within two weeks, which flushes out the possible fertilized egg. Its an effective back up if your primary contreceptive method fails, or good emergency option after unprotected s_x.But can cause some nausea, headaches, or vomiting. It may initially cause irregular bleeding and/or heavier periods. It does not protect against STDs. Don't use it if you are pregnant or allergic to the pills. Its available by prescription only from a clinician. Planned Parenthood and most clinics will prescribe them. You can order them in advance, and have them on hand should the need arise. For a provider near you, it cots about $20-$25 depending on where you get the pills.



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