Does Anyone Else Feel Like This

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Donna - May 18

hi my next period isnt due until the 20th may which is two days away i did have unprotected s_x when i was ovulating so there is a possibity that i could be pregnant i ahave been feeling sick on and off and i have been tired more and running to the toilet more i have found that today i keep thinking my period is here but it not. did or is anyone else feeling the same way please write back thanx xx


katie - May 18

there is a gd chance u are pregnant if u had unprotected s_x wen u were ovulating...i did feel the same but i had a normal period for the 1st 3months of my it was kinda not until the 4th month it happened...the best thing for u to do i think is to take a home pregnancy test if u miss ur period cause some of those u hav mentioned r signs of pregnancy but gd luck and take care if u hav anymore questions just ask xxx katie


Donna - May 18

i have a reveal test and it says that u can use its at any time of the day i was wondering if i use it today instead of in 2 days will it work ???


Grandpa Viv - May 18

Sounds pretty convincing to me. Fatigue, nausea, frequent peeing and "wet" are good signs. Unless you have lots of money, save the test until Sat 28th first pee, dip method. If it's positive, scream long and loud until your mom comes running to see what's up, and say "Mom, does this mean what I think it does?" Don't forget the folic acid (folate) to prevent birth defects. Good luck!


Coral - May 18

Donna.....i have the same same thing my last period was lik march 23 till the 29th and i had unpotected s_x quite alot the past few months......ive been really tired....and ive been peeing lik 247 lol sometimes ill go and 5 mins later i go agian its kinda upsetting .....yet ive been takin home tests and i get still a bit lost right now :) add me to msn if you wanna talk [email protected]


Margo - May 18

I have the same problem. My period is due on the 24th. I have taken birth control pills and have never missed one but I was on antibiotics this month and had s_x. But now I'm scared I'm preganant. I have had period like cramps and some nasuea. No "wetness" or frequent urination. But I think it could just be me freaking out, I had s_x only a week ago. Please help.



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