Does Anyone Ever Feel Like This

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... - June 14

I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy and I have been so emotional. I constantly feel like a failure and I have no friends left. They all said they'd be there and now their not. Does anyone just feel lonely?


Sorry you feel this way but... - June 14

Unfortunatley, that is something that happens to teenage mothers. Making the decision to keep your child and preparing to be a mother at such a young age is a huge change from the life that you knew before. Most likely, friends will come by and visit you occasionally, but not much. They will be going to dances, parties, hanging out at the mall, going to movies, etc. You, on the other hand, will be getting up five to six times a night to feed your newborn, doing laundry, finishing your schooling (if you have not already done so) feeding, burping, changing, and parenting your child. I don't mean to be so blunt, but when you choose to have a child at a young age, your friends won't really want to be around. You can't do anything that you could before, and why would they want to sit around with you and watch you with your child? They can go out and have fun and still enjoy their teenage years and go off to college, whereas you are the parent. Your friends still depend on their parents, and you now have a child who depends on you.


tina - June 14

Just think you will have the best freind of you life in 4 months you baby stay strong.


S - June 14

All I was being is honest to the first poster and to Tina. If your response to me is to shut the f*** up, then you have proved my point completly. Parents and soon to be parents do not speak this way....maturity comes with age and that is what is wrong with certain teens having children. I have seen plenty of them who have worked their tails off for their children and have grown up to have happy successful lives. I truly hope to all the teens on this board who are pregnant, do well and grow up to have good lives for their children. To the girls who are thinking of becoming pregnant, truly reconsider and remember that you have a lot of years to live until you need to start a family.


anon - June 14

why do some the teenagers on here get so defensive when they hear the truth? part of growing up is getting out of denial and getting into reality.


Audrey - June 14

Unfortunately it's a common teenage mindset that nothing bad can happen to them and even if something does happen they can ignore the consequences. Reality is seen in a day to day basis and not the bigger picture. Far too often it takes something major (like an unexpected pregnancy) to shock someone into the grim reality.


bex - June 15

i felt like that during pregnancy its mainly just hormones and you feel so alone but now i have my baby its okay i still feel i lil bit lonly because i dont see my friend much but we r still all really close but thats what comes with being a mum it will pa__s but if you feel really bad you may be depressed talk to your docter :)( i no S that your no being nasty but me and my mum are friends always have been and she always set the rules and is a brilliant mum i just didnt listen some times but i do no that im going to be more strict then my mum was to me)



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