Does Getting An Epidural Hurt

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October - October 24

I'm 17 years old, single scared and expecting my first. I plan on getting an epidural. I want to know what to expect, because I wasn't expecting this.


lady jane - October 24

ummm it DOES! not to scare you, maybe they did it wrong on me, cuz it hurt a lot. And it didnt even work even after 2 doses. Some of my other friends have told me that it did not hurt them.


lady jane - October 24

but u know dont be scared,,, when ur having contractions, any pain from your epidural is the least of ur concerns. IT should make you feel much better afterwards.


Missy - October 24

I had my DD with one and I thank GOD i did! It only felt like pressure going in. The numbiing shot they give the area first was the only pinch I felt. It was so worth it - I relaxed after the epidural was given to me and I progressed much faster and had her in only 4 hours total!!!


Krissy25 - October 24

The worst thing about my epidural was the shot they gave me to numb the area and it wasn't bad at all. After that when they are inserting the epidural catheter you might feel some pressure and some tingling sensations but not any pain and with in about 15-20 min you will be completly numb. It's nothing to be afarid of and after feeling some bad contractions you will probably be ready for it. Lady Jane it sounds like they did it wrong or put it in the wrong spot that's a shame it didn't work out for you.


October - October 24

I thank all of you for your answers. I was one of the girls who said that I was going to stay a virgin till I got married. Then I met this guy We were going out for 2 years and he proposed. And of course somthing happened... And when I told him I was pregnant....... Well I havn't seen him since. So I just wish I could meet someone that was or is in the same position i'm in...


EMMA2 - October 24

I don't think this is a black or white answer. It hurts some and some it does not. My contractions while staying still for the needle was the killer not the actual needle.


Krissy25 - October 24

October you can request that they put the catheter in when you get there and then when you have progressed some the can administer the medication. That way they are not trying to put it in through bad contractions.


Kitalj07 - October 24

Well, I heard that an epidural messes up your back... although I never had one, so I really don't know... that's just what the old people say! Well I'm now 18 years old and I'm 40 weeks pregnant! I don't think I'll have an epidural!


erenimi - October 24

My epidural didn't hurt at all, but it was because my contractions were so bad i couldn't feel anything else.


kay101 - October 24

Yes, and no. It's really depends on your contractions. You aren't in the most comfortable position when it's done and you may have to hold still for several minutes (or for not long at all) which is hard to do. They give you two small shots to numb the area, they just feel like real quick little bee stings. After that you're numb and they insert the needle. You can feel the pressure from it moving around, but not any pain. My first one didn't work, and I had to have it redone. After that, it was amazing! Didn't hurt either time I put the needle in, I really thing the most painful part was having them take the tape off after the first one. No worries hun, it takes the pain away, it doesn't cause more.


c_baer19 - October 24

After I got the epidural, my labor was fantastic. I felt the contractions a little toward the end, but no pain, just a little pressure. I am afraid of needles, so I was a little scared, but knew I wanted to have it. The only thing that hurt was the needle to numb the area - it's hard to know when it's coming when it's behind you and I jumped a little, which you aren't supposed to do. Also, I got a spinal headache from the epidural which isn't that common, but can happen.. it's killer. Anytime I wasn't lying down, my head was pounding - so much that I could hardly get anything done. It lasted a few weeks until I drank enough Mountain Dew (caffeine) to get rid of it. I'd definitely get one again with my next pregnancy though, and I recommend it!


Noodle - October 28

epidurals are very varied on each person. i had one put in during my labour, i was still using the gas and air at the time and i didnt feel it go in, i just felt the first injection that numbs you first and a bit of pressure in my spine, which was nothing comapred with the pain i was in. and mine worked very well. other people feel them go in and they hurt like mad, and sometimes they only work down one side of the body or not at all. It solely depends on just how it goes. i loved mine as i slept after a very long and very horrendous labour, but you may find you go into labour and feel so good and cope so well you dont even need one.


abriamiacadia - October 28

My contractions were SO bad that I didnt even feel it. Then, it didnt work at all. I felt EVERYTHING!!! It was horrible, but I also felt my baby being pushed through and now when I think about it I LOVED feeling that. I had heard before I gave birth that epidurals really didnt work well. Now I understand.


BouncingBabyBoy - October 31

I am thinking I might have an epidural this time around. I didn't with my first, but I was only in labor for 5 hours and pushing for 2 of those hours.


kendra.marie - October 31

no it does not! i dont believe what people say it didnt bother me because if your in enough pain to get the epidural it will be nothing; but i also have a high pain tolerance!


durante baby - November 1

I agree with Kendra...With both of my boys I barely felt a thing but a lttle pressure....and trust me you really dont care about wheather it will hurt or not by the time its time to get it...Youll just want something to get rid of the rest of the pain.......Look at it this way....even if it does end up hurting youll have something to numb you in a few minutes. Just try to stay relaxed and it will go smotthly



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