Does It Always Hurt When You Have Sex

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Terri - July 1

I hade s_x foir the first time two ago. it was my first time and it hurt really bad when he pushed his p__s inside me and pooked my cherry. I hurt inside for about 4 days. Last week we tried again and it hurt again. He wants to do it again and asks every day to have s_x with me. I want to but it hurts. Does it alway hurt?


alisha - July 1

after a while it would stop


Annie - July 1

Have him use a lubricated condom. It will make it easier for hime to get in and you will be mostly safe from pregnancy and std's. If you don't use birth control it will hurt a lot more when you push the baby out or it is cut from your belly.


kelowlow - July 3

let him get it wet..... tell him to kiss you other places so he can get you aroused.OOOORRRRR!!! tell him if he wants to have s_x he has to get it wet if that means him using his tong then that's the price he pays for the pain you don't feel and the enjoyable s_x you'll both have.


Misty - July 4

The first time I had s_x I thought his p___s would tear me apart as he was so big and I was so small. It hurt just to insert a tampon I was so small. After that I had him put the ky jelly I used for inserting tampons on his finger and finger me. So I was ready for him. I just love the feeling of him thrusting his p___s deep inside me and shooting his load deep inside my vigina. Every time I think about his sperm swimming into my utirus and creating out baby. Yes I want to be pregnant with his baby


Audrey - July 4

Misty- Ask yourself these questions: Are you prepared for a baby? Do you have the money to raise a child? Have you finished school and do you have a job that will get you the money that you will need? Are you ready for sleepless nights, hundreds of diaper changes, not being able to go anywhere without taking the baby? I wish you luck.


Shana - July 22

Hi Terri! Yes the first few times you are tender. That is normal. Like the other people have said, it is better to be lubricated, you may have been cut the first time which is why you experience pain everytime. Play with each other so that you will be more relaxed and ready, it makes it easier to slide in. Good Luck!


Kayse - July 23

yeah use a condom or lubricant and make sure your...."aroused" or "wet" as we call it haha it shouldnt hurt always hurts the first couple of times don't worry itll go away !=) be safe!!!



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