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Kairi_x - November 13

Last night I had an extremely vivid dream. I was in hospital and my mum and my fiance were there and I was heavily pregnant and almost ready to give birth. The nurse kept checking how many cm dilated I was. Then when I woke up, I was wondering why my tummy is flat. The dream seemed so real :/ Could a dream like this be a sign that there is a chance I might get pregnant soon?


Kairi_x - November 13

arghh this dream is really playing on my mind :/


AddysMummy - November 13

I don't think so, but it could be. Are you missing a period yet? if not don't stress it, cause stress can cause you to have a late period.


Brittany - November 13

Our brains have the weirdest dreams! But having a dream doesn't mean it's going to happen. You should use birth control or condoms if your not PLANNING on getting pregnant soon. If you are planning, thats probably what your mind is focusing on...hence your pregnancy dreams haha.


Kairi_x - November 13

No I've just had a period, it was very light but I haven't taken too much notice of that because I was worried I'd trick my body into thinking I'm pregnant.. which I've done a few times now lol. I'm on birth control but I've been wanting a baby desperately the past year non stop so that's probably the reason I'm having the dreams. I just don't like the way it plays with my head because I wake up so disappointed. :(


kendra.marie - November 13

i had a dream about falling pregnant with twins like hmm i think 2 weeks before my ovulation it was nuts. well im pregnant. dont know if its twins or not but still lol. my dream was a hint. but i always had a dream last nite that i was 37 weeks & i was 4 cms dilated & they sent me home from the hospital it was weird lol


Kairi_x - November 13

lol that's crazy :/ it's amazing how dreams and everything all works haha.


Krissy25 - November 13

I just had a baby 3 months ago and i dream almost every night that i'm pregnant again and i'm about ready to give birth and i didn't even know i was pregnant, i hope my dreams aren't telling me something b/c i'm not ready to have another one, LOL


Kairi_x - November 13

lol wow :O so it is actually true that dreams can give off signs of pregnancy?


kendra.marie - November 13

yah i believe so.


Baliezer - November 13

I had a dream that I screwed my husbands best friend. What do you think that means?


Grandpa Viv - November 13

Vivid dreams are one possible sign of early pregnancy "I even remebered the font I was using in the email". If it were not for the fact that you are on birth control, one might think the light period an early sign too, but it can also be a side effect of the pill. Good luck!


KooKoo - November 15

No. You dream about finding loads of money. Do you? No. You dream about someone trying to kill you. Are they? No. You dream about someone who died a while ago. Are they about to come back to life? No.


Kairi_x - November 15

No I don't mean general dreams KooKoo, I was asking if it's true because I've heard lots of things that there are certain things you can dream about like fish and all sorts and often its giving you hints that you pregnant so I was just wondering if it can actually happen or whether its coincidence lol


KooKoo - November 15

not sure about anything else, but i know if your 'thinking' about pregnancy (if you want to be or ttc) you can have dreams about it. But i dont think its a sign of pregnancy. Things like dreams though, you NEVER know


KooKoo - November 15

i think dreams are more based on what we are thinking as opposed to whats actually happening


Stephanie_31 - November 15

I have had very vivid dreams about flying but I'm not going to a__sume that I can. Dreams are reflections of what you are feeling not about what is actually happening in reality.



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