Dogs And Pregnancy

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Justagurl - February 23

Well okies, i've been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend every weekend for a long time now. I have had my period 3 times like i was supposed to during the last 3 months. So i havent missed... the next one is expected on the 1-5 of march. Now, i had s_x friday, saturday, sunday and monday... and well i havent felt anything from the previous times, or even now. But the thing is my 9 year old dog has become suddenly over affectionate. Curling up with me, and just following me around. In fact as i type now, hes on my lap. I just wanted to know if maybe they can sense the difference... maybe a pregnancy... well just a question... thanks for reading... hope you can answer


Kay - February 23

Funny you say that as when my family found out i was pregnant my dog changed completly. He doesnt like me going anywhere without him , and he is constanly sitting on me , sleeping next to me and and where evere i go he follows and stands next to me or sit next to me. Sounds very wierd i know , i havent the slightest clue what has triggied him to do this. I dont know wether its a myth or not but its sure has changed my dog affectionate.He is very small dog a shih stu he jumps up on my legs to pick him up. My mum seems to persume he can sence i am and his jelous but i dont really know why .=P


justagurl - February 23

Hi Kay, yea well i guess my dog is doing the same your dog did. Mine is a Duchsaund the lil weenie dogs, but yea he is still acting the same. I got home from school today and he just jumped on me real softly and wanted to be with me. Right now as i type, just like last night, he is on my lap, poking his nose in to my tummy real softly. Hehe it tickles. Well my period is due in bout a week, i think i might get a test this weekend, if not... i'll wait and see if my period arrives. If there is anyone else out there that can verify that dogs or any animal can sense a pregnancy, plz tell... help me and Kay to understand...


MandyD - February 23

My sister's dog (a hound mix) was the same way when she was pregnant. She would follow her around all the time, and would constantly be sitting or laying by her and snuggling with her. It was really cute actually. I think she knew something was up! : ) Dogs have such sensitive sense you know?!


Grandpa Viv - February 23

Always looking for new early signs! Justagurl, if you got pregnant it would have been from s_x the weekend of the 13th and ovulation the 15th. That would put implantation around the 20th, and I'm pretty sure that would trigger pheromone changes that perhaps a dog could detect. Only think is, it doesn't sound as though you are pregnant. What a shame! If you keep going the way you are, it won't be long.


justagurl - February 23

well thanx you all really. And especially you Viv, i love seeing your answers so much. Another thing i want to add so you know, the guy i'm with, well it seems as if he has a low sperm count, or he is sterile. Like i've said, we've been having s_x, well... pretty much every weekend for the past four months. And as u can see from the last entry i put, sometimes days in a row. And well in those days we do have s_x, sometimes its like 2-3 times that day. I have not once gotten pregnant. Its quite weird. Then, with his ex-girlfriend, it was pretty much the same, never did she get pregnant, then she gets with another guy, and BAAM, she gets pregnant, she is now 7 months. So yea, he and i think he is sterile. It's just too many times for it to just be luck. I also read that if a woman is often stressed and worried, it is hard for her to get pregnant, so that could also be a factor. I'm always stressed, and i worry too much. But anyway, can you plz tell me where we can go so he can get his sperm count tested. He is worried for the long run, he does want to have kids, and if you know, can you tell us wut if there are procedures the doctors can do to fix his sperm count... thanx all, and thank you Viv... love always... justagurl


hahahaha - February 25

erm no!!!


Justagurl - February 28

Well all, once again it was a false alarm... I got my period on saturday. We are now very worried. Me and my boyfriend are goin to go and check on his sperm count this weekend... hopefully. Most teens would be like "Yess!!!, i can have s_x all i want and not get her pregnant." But with him... no... he is very depressed. We hope to have a family one of these days... and well if he is sterile, it wont happen the way we would like it to.



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