Don T Be A Teen Mum

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susan - October 11

My mother had 4 children,I'm the youngest,she had her 1st at 18.She then dumped us kids to run off with a new man,she was'nt ready at 18 for a baby,Our Dad started seeing other women,and she finally left.What got us,is how could a mother leave her children?My older sister got pregnant at 17,again they split up,after her having her kids.It all too young.I called my sister a "slapper"when she got pregnant,and again its the kids affected,she was a lot older than me,so was'nt really affected by the break-up,no-one likes to see their mum and Dad split,but by growing up too fast,being trapped in a relationship before it has time to grow is asking for trouble.


true! - October 11



Chloe - October 11

not all people plan on getting pregnant, im 17 and i was on the contraceptive pill and i got pregnant by accident. ive been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we are closer than ever. im in my 1st year training to be a nurse and my boyfriend is a brick layer. my mam and dad have been great and are supporting us. all i am saying is not everyone plans it, sometimes it is an accident and i dont think all teenagers shud be branded the same


anon - October 11

My mum was a teen mum also, I was the youngest of 5. She had her first baby at 16. My dad was never supportive, he was very selfish and clearly not ready for a family. He had numerous affairs, even had 2 other children to some other woman and they were both adopted out. Although mum never got the support she needed, her first priority was her children and always made sure her children were well taken care of. It really sucked that my dad was such a loser father, they had a terrible relationship and I hated the way my dad treated her. Not all teen girls are irresponsible, unfortunately, they find themselves becoming co dependent if they stay with the father (because of the baby) and find it more and more difficult to become independent and more self reliant. I hope all these girls have sought out good counsellors and support people in their lives so that they can be the best mothers possible to their children


? - October 12

what the hell is a slapper anyways


to samantha - October 12

I know its doesnt, i mean if u are already pregnant then fine, u gotta do what u gotta do for you baby, but i think she meant it for teens that want to get pg on purpose.


to me - October 12

wahooo me


.......... - October 13

When I first saw this site..I though it was for teens that got pregnant by accident, had a slip up or whatever. I think it's crazy that any teen would want to have a baby on purpose. But if you feel like you are meant to fulfill a life of raising kids and and settling for barely getting by and struggling with school and work(if you even plan to do that much)........then more power to you. Its your hardship, not anyone elses


helloooo - October 14

wat the hell is a slapper


Nikki - October 15

what makes you think that everyone else's situations are as messed up as yours? Not trying to be mean, and I'm sorry you went through all that, but not everyone runs from their responsibilities...


Tam - October 18

I think a slapper is a s___t?



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