Don T You Girl S Worry About STI S

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Hayles - November 20

You all need to get your priorities right,you are more likely to catch an STI&HIV these days than get pregnant.If you are having casual s_x,carry on having your fun but please use a condom,it just isn't worth risking. If you want a baby wait till you are in a happy stable comitted relationship before you have one.For the people having unprotected s_x at parties,always carry condoms with you,that way if you do have s_x with someone the you will be protected-you can have all the fun you want aswell as protecting yourself.Men who say they don't like condoms are not worth touching


Audrey - November 21

First: there are different types and sizes of condoms. A guy who says he doesn't like them might have only tried one and it didn't fit him properly, so he got into his head that all condoms were liks that. My fiance and I tried several different brands and types until we found one that he was comfortable with. Second: the general att_tude of many teenagers is that they're "immortal" and nothing can happen to them. So they get caught up in the moment and do things without thinking of the consequences. Unfortunately this is why so many end up pregnant or in jail or worse. It's very sad.


Sammie - November 21

ive only ever had unprotected s_x with my partner and we were both virgins when we met. so im not bothered about sti's. and we dont use condoms not just coz he doesnt like them... i dont like them either. it feels so... unpersonal.


hmmm - November 22

females are so stupid


Liz - November 23

Just because you are a teenager does not mean s_x is casual. Your advice is good about condoms but don't be judgemental of us or no one will listen to you. There are STI tests for a reason and I know I and most of the people I've spoken to (including my boyfriend) have had them. Don't act like teens are stupid.


coco - November 23

Can't worry about it if both are virgins


La Rissa - November 24

Obveiously, who doesnt?


. - November 25

oh yea for sure im so scared of the STI it will own my a__s hardcore with its 300 hp, and full time all wheel drive.


To . - November 25

Are you a bit thick?


moi - November 25

STI checks r not contraception - wot happens when u get told u hav something then hav the embarrasment of telling ur s_xual partner?u are all stupid if u think that ur fine in not using condoms coz u can get checked out. hav u seen the waiting lists for STI clinics? some u hav 2wait months to get checked out. not using contraception when having s_x with sumone new is just asking for trouble.u shud ask HIV+ people if they cud turn the clock back&used a condom-they wud for sure.At least u all hav the chance to protect urselves,stop bein ignorant&wise up


VoiceOfReason - November 26

I have a Subaru WRX STi if that is what you are talking about. It's pretty fast.



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