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Ashleyluvsjosh - June 2

hey umm...well i just need advise..umm well me and my boyfriend josh and i we decided for me to stop birthcontrol and for me to get pregnant but then we didcided not to and then to wait for my senior year...then at the end...try..but now him and his mom are argueing alot and stuff and he was just askin me so why dont i just quit my birthconrol so he could see me all the time becasue his mom was sayin that he couldnt see me much no more..and we allready dont see each other that much anyways but on the weekend...well thx


Strawberry - June 2

how old are you?


Mommy - June 2

Having a child just so you can see your boyfriend would be very unfair. If you guys really care about one another you would be willing to wait until you are legal to be together. If you and your bf break up after you are pregnant it would be chaos for everyone involved. Your child would be going from mommies to daddies and back, you would have to deal with being a single mom and your bfoyfriend would have life-long commitment to someone he is no longer with. If he is legal he should move out and then his mom can't tell him not to see you. If he can't afford to move out or is too young to, having a child should not even be considered yet. Good luck.


maren - June 2

just because you two have a baby doesnt mean that his mom will let him see you more. if all your seeing him before he started fighting with his mom was on the weekends how do you expect him to suport you while pregnant. If thats all you see him as of now how would he be able to help out if there was a baby. Do you have a job? does he? babies are expensive not only do they need clothe, diapers, wipes, formula and a ton of other items. But it can cost a few thousand dollars in doctor and hospital cost for you and the baby. if you were to be pregnant now there are alot of sacrafices that both you and him would need to make no going out when ever you want, and when you do want to go out you need to find a baby sitter. chances are you would have a smooth pregnancy if you were pregnant but there is still the chances that there are complications that can be harmfull to both you and a baby. I think it would be stupid (sorry about being mean) for you to stop taking the pill because he wants to see you more. what kind of reason is that, you may say a good one but its not. what happens if you do get pregnant and it ends up being more than he can handle and he leaves what then. you can say well i know him and i know he wouldnt do that to me, you may very well be true but there is still that chance that it could happen you both still sound young. It is amazing what stress causes people to do. You both have so much left to do one of those being graduate high school. i understand wanting a child but in my oppenion please wait untill your done with high school. It will be alot easier for the both of you to provide for a child after having a diploma, you can get better jobs ones that are willing to pay more than minimum wage. Did you ask him why his mom doesnt want to see you as much? is he falling behind in his school/house work maybe there is some reason to this. That has to do with his att_tude toward something. I really hope that you can have enough sense to decide for your self what to do and not listen to him you have your own mind and im sure that your a brilliant girl. ultimetly you dont have to listen to me or anyone else that replys to you i just hope you think long and hard about this and not just stop taking your pills because thats what he wants.


momma2be1988 - June 5

your boyfriend is just trying to find a way to trap you wait until you are ready and no for sure you want a child, good luck



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