Dont Kno Wat To Do

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Libbie - September 12

im 13 an just fownd out im preg. dont kno wat to do about it. my mum will go mad. wat shud i do. wat if she chucks me out. can i get an aborsion at my age


Eva - September 1

Libbie you really need to talk to your mother. I am sure she will be upset but what mother wouldn't be. You are going to need her guidance so please be brave and talk to her. You are too young to make such an adult decision alone. Best of luck.


Libbie - September 1

thanx 4 replyin so quick i darnt tell my mum her boyf did it to me. im so scared shell take his side an chuck me out


Eva - September 1

Oh, Libbie. Do you have another female figure in your life that you can talk to? Maybe an aunt, grandma, friend's mother, church lady, teacher/guidance counselor/coach?? If not, check your local phone book for a Planned Parenthood and they can be a shoulder to lean on. Did you consent to having s_x w/your mother's boyfriend? If not, he raped you-- All you had to do is say NO and if he did not listen, he raped you. If that is the case maybe enlist the help of another female figure prior to approaching or mother and perhaps they can speak to your mother with you. Best of luck. I will be thinking about you.


Norma - September 1

I agree. We really do not know all the circ_mstances. Talk to another woman you trust before talking with your mother. Good luck, hun.


Libbie - September 1

he doe s it evrytime shes out an i say no an he wont stop he says he loves me. i have a grandma i see her 1 time a month i cud phone her. my mum dosent like me an calls me names so i dont think shell beleive me shell think im making it up cos i dont like her boyf. i will try to call my grandma thanx for listnin


amanda - September 3

libbie .. you should talk to your grandma about this if you can trust her and if i were u i would file rape against your moms boyfriend because it is not right that you have to live with a man that is telling a 13 year old that he loves her and has s_x with her... that that into conideration


t - September 3

Well you dont know for sure whether its true or false, if its true imagine how you are making Libby feel right now - like no one is gonna beleive her. Even it is false, it may relate to someone else who is going through the same thing....plenty are thats for sure! Libby if this is true, then you MUST speak to an adult about this, if you cant spk to someone you know try a helpline, they will be more than happy to help you! Good luck x


Libbie - September 3

i dont care if some dont beleive me cos i dont lie. its not happnin to you so jus leve me alone. im stayin with gran for a few days. i havnt told her yet but i will.


Sarah - September 3

Stop coming on here with silly stories trying to get attention. If this is true then I'm the Queen of England. People should stop replying here now!


FAKE! - September 3



STEVE - September 3



uhmm - September 4

why are guys on this web site .. that do not help for this subject at all unless they have a question..


Viv - September 4

Libbie, I believe what you are saying. These guys don't understand what goes on in some homes. If you tell Child Protection Services about this they will immediately find another home for you. Your mother's boyfriend will probably end up in jail. If I were you I would get gran's help right now. At your age I would also be thinking about abortion. Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN will give you advice on this.


Angel - September 4

Hey Libbie, hope you are doing ok. Ignore the silly little people who call you a liar because they have tiny minds and don't know you or the things that happen. There are evil people around who just are not willing to help and like to make poor little girls such as yourself scared to go to the authorities incase you aren't believed. Just don't read them, they are shameful little people. Your story is just like mine. I went to my aunt and never went back. I was too young then to understand, all I knew was that I was safe. All I knew was that my stepdad died. I had a loving family around me (apart from my mother who I have no contact with now) and was able to get on with my life. The baby was adopted by lovely people and I do get to see her every once in a while. This of course is up to you. Please tell your Gran and get out of that house. How did you find out you are pregnant? Go to the doctor ASAP and you can discuss your options. You will need to find out how far you are along. Take care of yourself sweetheart x


Libbie - September 7

thanx evry1 nice. thanx angel. iv told my gran an stayin with her now. dont kno wats gonna happen tho.


Viv - September 8

I'm lying awake nights worrying about you. I'm glad you are out of the house and with your gran. I wonder if she knows how to use all the resources available these days, or if she's just in a dither too. Who else knows or are we keeping it secret? Have you seen a doctor yet? If you want to talk mail [email protected]



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