Dont Kno Wat To Do

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beckii - September 13

well my question is i am 17 and i will be having a baby i guess i have takin 2 test and they both turned out positive and i am scared and i dont kno wat to do now i need u peoples help please help me ?


brittany - September 13

you need to get to the doctor as soon as possible to get a definite test and if you are indeed pregnant they can get you on prenatals (which are vitamins for you and the baby through pregnancy) and then you can also get other vital information you need..good luck :o)


brittany - September 13

what a mean comment :o( it will be ok, no need to listen to people on the INTERNET, who have no idea who you are or what situation you are in, but if you really feel that you have to come online to get need to talk to the doctor asap, as i said before!


Shelly - September 13

Beckii, Just as Brittany has said, you need to get to a doctor for a check up. Two positive home tests mean you are pregnant. Have you talked to an adult that is close to you? They can help you the best. It is important to have someone you can talk to in person. They can give you the information and support that you need at this emotional time in your life. If you don't feel comfortable with someone you know, call Planned Parenthood they can help you. We can offer a different kind of support here. Let us know if you have specific questions. We'll do our best to give you answers. My heart goes out to you. Love, Shelly


Samantha - September 13

Brittany should talk, she's a hoe. You should have a doctor run a blood test to confirm that you are pregnant. You can actually start prenatal vitamins yourself prior to your doctor's visit. They sell them over-the-counter at wal-mart & they are no different than rx prenatal's. You can also consult w/your doctor about adoption, abortion, and keeping the baby. Unfortunately, if you are still living at home you are going to have to get the courage up to tell your parents if the doctor confirms the prognosis. Good luck.


suzie blue - September 14

yea hey im 17 2, im not prenant but my sisters hav been pregnant at the same age as me. do u kno how long u have been pregnant? u could get an abortion if its not 2 late. wat about the father, do u kno who he is? if so tell him (trust me just do it). go and c a doctor or a family planning centre and tell them.


Viv - September 14

Beckii, what kind of help are you looking for? [email protected]



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