Dont Know If I Should Beleive Him

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Elise - September 12

im 12 and i havnt had s_x yet. My boyfriends 15 hes had s_x b4 and he says that becose im virgin we dont need comdoms 4 the 1st year we have s_x. Ive thourt about it and i dont understand why. Is he tellin the truth? he says h__l find sum1 else to do it with if i dont trust him. Wot shal I do?


Viv - September 5

Don't trust him. He lies. Let him find someone else. Try to find a bf your own age, or just stay away from boys for a few more years. Who needs them!


jan - September 6

He is right. your to young to get prenant. don't listen to viv or other dorks.


dont trust him - September 6

don't trust him. your to young to be having s_x in the first place. Dont let him in anyway force you into it. If he says im gonna dump you if you dont then let him dump you. Youll meet someone nicer when your older. Also protection isn't just to stop pregnancy its to stop diseases including AIDS which you all know u can't get rid of.


Elise - September 6

thanx 4 the advise. Im not goin 2 let him cos i dont want s_x. What iv read it isnt worth it and im to shy. I dont like it wen he touchs me. Whys he lyin its awful. Why did jan say that its mean to tell lies so girls will have babys.


Jess - September 6

Elise please ignore jan - "she" is obviously a guy trying to persuade young girls to have s_x with boys - GROW UP "JAN"!!!!! I'm glad your not going to have s_x with this boy Elise. Young girls are extremely fertile and often get pregnant the first time they have s_x. You do NOT want to be mom at the age of 12! It's really not worth it Elise. Wait until you are 16 and are in love with a man who WILL do everything to protect you against pregnancy and disease. This boy is lying to you just so you will have s_x with him. Dump him! Surely you would want to wait untill you fall in love Elise? I waited untill I fell in love to have s_x and I was SOOOOO glad I did. Almost every girl that has s_x before she is 16 regrets it because they go on to find the right guy and really fall in love yet they gave their virginity away to some loser and not the guy they fall in love with. Good luck Elise.


Elise - September 6

i understand jess and thanx. No way im goin 2 be a mom at 12!!!! Im goin 2 be over 20!!! my mom was only 16 wen she had my older bro and i know she loves us but she knows she was 2 young. i called him 2day and told him 2 back off and he called me loads of names and said awful stuff and upset me but i dont care he dont care 4 me at all so i dumped him. why do boys hav 2 be so horruble some times? anyway i wont have s_x til im old enough


Karen - September 6

Well done Elise!!!!! I'm so glad you have told him to back off. Don't listen to the names he calls you - you're the one that can hold your head up high now. If this boy carries on the way he is going soon enough he is going to have some poor girl knocked up and he is going to be a dad at 15 - then who'll be the one laughing? Good luck Elise, you deserve so much better than that idiot.


nikki - September 7

not only do you deserve to kick his a__s but he deserves to be shot too. "I'll do it with someone else." yeah real nice for someone who supposedly "likes you"


Lee - September 7

Don't have s_x with him. You can get pregnant at 12, the youngest mother in history was 5 hyrs. old when she had her son in the 1930's. It is possible to get pregnant at practically any age.


Shay - September 10

Because your still a virgin doesnt mean that you dont need condoms Seeing as hes had s_x before theres a change of transmitting s_xual dieases! You should ALWAYS protect yourself when having s_x no matter what age you are! If hes pressuring you into having s_x then let him find someone else hes not worth your time! DONT do anything you dont want to do! Oh and For *JAN* If she has her period yes she can get pregnant! Doesnt matter what age you are!


.... - September 11

you NEED to have a condom, unless you want a baby. DONT trust him and if he says hes going to leave you because of you wont have s_x well then let him. hes NOT worth your time and your TO young to have a baby. YOU need to just let him go, and before you do have s_x go get birth control plz. i know you dont want a baby and either does he. so be careful ok.


Eva - September 11

Your boyfriend is giving you a line to get you into bed. You can get pregnant and you can also catch STD's. Any guy that tells you he will find someone else is only after one thing- s_x. It is time for you to move on honey. He is not worth the ground you walk on. Good luck.


Cory - September 11

Take it from a guy that your bf just wants a piece of a__s, yours or anyone's. He is going to tell you whatever he needs to to get into your pants so don't let him. You can get pregnant and he is either lieing to your or is uneducated about s_x.


Stacy - September 11

Dump this guy. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and don't have s_x with him cuz you can get pregnant regardless of what he wants you to believe. Us girls have to stick together <smile>!


William - September 11

You sound like a smart girl, Elise and I am sure you have a bright future ahead of you. Save the s_x for that future. You have more than enough time to experience it with someone you love and who loves you. This guy of yours is not the one otherwise he would not be pressuring you. Get rid of him for your sake. He is not worth giving yourself to.


Tara - September 11

Drop him! You will get pregnant and you will be the one left with making all the decisions as to what to do. Believe me s_x is not worth it and neither is any guy.



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