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richardcleary - June 29

My girlfriend and i were in a loving relationship and then 2 weeks ago she tells me she hates me leaves me for some punk then 2 days after that she tells me shes pregnant so we went to the doctor and he confirmed it now she wants an abortion which she does not believe in and says she hates me but when i ignore her she wants me around i dont get it is this hormones she loves me one day then tells this other guy on the phone that she loves him while i am sitting there???? is this hormones or is she straight crazy help me PLEASE]]!!!!!!!!!!


awwbabybaby - June 29

More than likely hormones. how long were you two dating?


richardcleary - July 5

only for 4 and half months but we have known each other actually the plot thickens alot more but am not going to talk on that but she decided 5 days ago that she wants to keep the baby and me and her can work on things then she went to that other guys house that night for an hour promised me she was going to break up with him then comes back to my house tells me she cant do it this and that we got into an argument she started punching me in the face then i restrained her that is all did not hurt her then i took her home we fought the whole way there dropped her off the next day we didnt talk to each other at all the day after that she wants me to bring her nausea pills to the house so i did then she tells me when i get there i disgust her i supposedly left bruises all over her arms which is false she threatened me with police and now she wants an abortion again she is NUTS i think to tell you the truth i dont understand a thing this psycho woman is telling me and on top of it she wants me to make the abortion appointment she does not want to do it so i called planned parenthood this morning they told me she has to call them not me so i texted her the number and told her what they told me and she has yet to get back to me and last night she texted me saying goodnight to our unborn child what the F is going on im so confused and scared oh yeah and she thinks im the PSYCHO one haha what i dont get it



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