Dont No How To Tell My Parents

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carrie16 - February 20

well i'm 18 and jst found out i'm pregnant, i really want to tell my parents/family but dont no how, does anyone have any suggestions? or can tell me how they told their parents? thanks


xoxticiaxox - February 20

I just phones my mum and said...Your gonna be a nanny! and she was like what are you serious...she took it pretty well, and my father who I thought would FREAK out...didnt...he was very calm and understanding about everything...its seems scarier than it really is...believe me! Good luck...just come out and tell them....


KaseyA - February 20

I agree with xoxticiaXox it really is scarier than it is. Just be honest with them, its better to have their support early on in the pregnancy. It will make things alot less stressful if you just get it off your chest.


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

For me I was 21 and moved back home and I told my mom the dr couldnt figure out why I was so sick and was going to do another pregnancy test. (which was true I was so sick all the time and the drs couldnt figure out why and all previous pregnancy tests where comming up BFN) Anyway it came back + and I told my mom but she was already aware what was going on, it was my stepfather that was the problem. Well with the help and support of my mom we sat my stepfather down and told him, surprisingly he was very supportive and didnt yell. I would probably take your mom out for coffee and tell her first her support would be greatly appreciated in telling your father. i find father's take news like this the hardest. Good luck


babii_boo91 - February 20

i just told them straight up when i knew


carrie16 - February 21

thank u so much for your advice, its jst made harder to tell them because i dont live with either my mum or my dad and they are always on my back about stuff. Im jst really worried that they will not want anything to do wiv me.


xsarahx_18x - February 21

hia carrie, your situation sounds a little bit like what mine was.. i dont live with my mum n dad and they were always saying how much i could achieve etc, so it was really hard for me to tell them i was pregnant as i didnt think they would speak to me again which is why i waited til i was just over 27weeks to tell them n they were great, my mum n sister have brought things for the baby n my nan cant wait to go baby shopping! my dad was abit dissapointed but hes not angry. i just wish i had told them sooner so i could of had there support, it would of made it ALOT easier! hope that helps x x


xoxticiaxox - February 21

Aww Congrats sarah..I remember talking to you back when you hadnt told them yet, Im glad it went well! Good Luck!


xsarahx_18x - February 21

thanks ticia, i wrote it all in a letter n put the scan pic inside the day i went on holiday n my mum rang me up the next day n she was so excited!! all that worrying seems so pointless now n i should of just told them straight away!! hows your lil girl doing?.. not long now for you!! x x


jaimmy - February 21

What does BFN mean?


Melissa30 - February 21

BFN - Big Fat Negative



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