Dont Want To Seem Innapropriate But Sex Partners

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isis - October 24

Hey girls, I am 19 and pregnant, I go to a young mums group, and we are having an ongoing discussion about how many guys we have slept with, and how many is appropriate for our ages? I have been with 5, this seems to be the average amount for us, some have had a few more, some less... anyway, just wondering, how many partners have you all had? How many do you think is about average? xx thanks


j - October 24

I'm 23 and have had 3. Just 1 while I was a teen. I maybe could have had more but I was with him for 4 years, plus he put me off men for a few years!


m - October 24

im 19 and have had 3 and am getting married soon


hey - October 24

Im 22 and Ive been with 6.. sounds like a lot compared you you girls lol some of my friends have been with 9 or 10 or more.... i dunno i think it depends on yourself which number is ok


s - October 25

im 18 and have been with 17 so far ive been with the most but hey stuff happens


... - October 25

I'm 23, I've been with 11 men...but while I was a teen I had been with 5.


prada - October 25

i see now why yall teens are pregnant. Quit having s_x with all these different men. Better yet, just quit having s_x. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you are married. If there is then please tell me what is wrong with it because I would love to know.


A - October 25

im 18yrs old and married. ive slept with 2 guys including my husband. im 24weeks pregnant and guess i was just lucky to find my soul mate so early in life! i think 5 or 6 would be average for down here in australia. and to prada girls have been known to get pregnant the day they lose their virginity, pregnancy has nothing to do with the amount of guys youve slept with.


To Prada - October 25

So I am a__suming you are married and you waiting until you got married to have s_x and get pregnant and your husband is the only person you have slept with?? yeah right!!


CAROL - October 26

I don't really see how you feel it is okay to judge people for the number of s_x partners they have had. If a guy said he had slept with six women, would he be "dirty"? No. a__suming you are a female, it is sad that you are keeping this s_xism alive.


Rk - October 26

im 17 and have been with 3 different guys. i am now currently 4 months pregnant and have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years


ewww - October 26

i think that if a guy has slept with 6 women then its still dirty but im saying it that it sounds s___tty because thats the way it is. If a guy goes out to a club and brings home a girl and has s_x with her its ok its like a goal being acomplished but if a girl goes out and brings home a guy and sleeps with him then she is automatically comsidered a s___t or a hoe and its not right, i dont think it should be like that but it is and because it is then i consider a girl that has slept with alot of guys dirty just like if a guy has slept with alot of women


CAROL - October 26

Reread your post and understand that you are a breathing contradiction, lil miss muffet.


boo - October 26

u need to put a period in there or somewhere, gurl.


eww - October 26

what does you are breathing contradiction mean?


Marie - October 26

I was barely a teen when I was with my first, I slept with a second guy, and then got married with my 3rd partner at 22.


Me - October 30

I am 21 and have slept with 10 men. I am not exactly proud of it but this was by the time I was 16. I am settled now though and will be getting married in the near future,



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