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redeem - November 29

As you may already know, I am not a fan of teenage pregnancy, but I still try to help out as much as possible, but what I'm about to tell you is something that has gotten far out of hand. Ever since I graduated school, I've kept tabs on it, just to see if they're actually changing anything, and the sad thing is, teenage pregnancy has become an epidemic. From my very reliable sources, becoming pregnant has become something of a bragging right for young girls. The sad part is that most of those girls are FRESHMAN! They get pregnant purposefully, and after a month or so, have an abortion. Some have had two abortions within a quarter. Also, from a recent statistic, 2/3rds of the eighth graders have had s_x at least once. As far as I've seen, there have been no actions taken to prevent this by the parents or the school. It is a dangerous thing to mother and baby to become pregnant at such a young age, and something needs to be done. My suggestion would be a manditory Child Development class for all incoming Freshman. I would like some input as to what kind of prevention measures you would suggest. Please note that I do not wish to offend those that are already pregnant on this forum. Some of you may know that I do attempt to give moral support to those already in that condition, but I am still in the idea of prevention. Any input would be appreciated.


Angel - November 29

Since this seems to be a bit of a moan page, I would like to say something. While reading most of the messages I have noticed that many of the young girls posting have obviously not read any of the articles on pregnancy. It only seems logical to find out the symptoms of pregnancy before asking for help about pregnancy. I would also say that you first need to look at other causes of your symptoms... Bloatedness, swollen b___sts and change of appet_te also tend to accompany periods. Stress and being underweight can cause nausea. If you've had your period and you've taken a pregnancy test that showed up negative, chances are your not pregnant... plus it'll make itself obvious within time anyways if you are... It just seems a lot of girls on here are completely unaware of their own bodies nevermind if they were about to bring another into the world...


redeem - November 29

ok here's an update. one girl I just spoke with is 13 and now pregnant, and started having s_x at 9. she's made her choice, and needs the guidance now, but what can we do to prevent something like this in the future?


Me too - November 29

You are definatly right that something needs to be done. But everytime I come on here is see more and more young girls bragging of their s_xual escapades and what do I do now. I don't know if this is possible in evey case but maybe giving these girls a first hand look at caring for a child (even though so of them are too young to babysit) in the middle of the night say, by inviting a baby to say at your home for a night a making her responsible for getting up to feed and change the baby. Or taking them to a daycare where they have to work along with staff and handle situaions that come up in the everyday life of a mother. Maybe these aren't suitable suggestions for the problem. I don't know. It's just that it breaks my heart to think of these young girls having s_x when their bodies are barely ready to and their minds certainly are not thinking clearly enough to. Prevention - how does one instill that into the mind of a child. Why don't they understand that we only have the gift of childhood for a short twenty years and that if they waited until they were truly women they wouldn't need to ask for help or be scared.


E - November 29

Many parents do not talk to their children about s_x and birth control as they feel that discussing this is giving the go ahead to have s_x. It is unfortunate that so many adults cannot remember their teen years and what hormones do. I feel that teens are uneducated about their choices and the consequences of their actions and learn only through trial and error. Unfortunately, it is not some trivial trial & error. Parents seem to regret their inability/unwillingness to talk with their child when they find out she is pregnant. It is that fabulous 20/20 hindsight. It would be great if parents would educate other parents about the importance of their relationship with their child. I think parent/teen relationships is where this stems from. I know that some teen will write how fabulous her relationship is with her mom yet she still got pregnant. Not everyone is the same, that is all I can say. Some teens are greatly affected by poor relations with their parents, others not so much.


charley - December 6

to me too: matter how old you are your steel scared and need supports . and to all on this page theres no point moaning about us girl getting pregnant so young coz theres nothing you can do to stop it im a teen mum myself and my mum told me about s_x and babies and contraseption in my last year of junior school i was in the middle of s_x education and it made me more and more curious so i spose u cant win in this world you either dont get the education and not have kids or get the education get curious and have more of a chance of becoming a tee parent some of u say we come on here wating sympothy some of us dont we just want another young girl to expirienc it with so we can exchange advice but i do agree it is a shame im 14 and 16th of nov i had a little girl shes myne and my partners pride and joy and we wouldnt change her for the world its a shame i had her so young coz theres now more of a possibility i will ruin my life i engoy school and the one i go to now has a cresh and its a small school so you get all the attention in the world whenever its needed i think if we cant stop teen pregnancy we should have loads of schools like myne that way we can go to school and have our beautif ul babys near by


Lisa - December 6

All teenagers are curious about s_x....but it seems that too many are having babies when they aren't ready for it. It's fine to be curious, but having a baby out of curiosity or to seemingly fill a 'gap' in their lives is a lifelong commitment and that is where i feel that they haven't given the decision a lot of thought. Raising a child is one of the most important jobs of all time and it's crucial that the teenagers who are having children keep that in mind. There is no way of preventing teenagers from having children, but for those who are raising kids, the best thing to do is support them and give them the advice they will need in order to raise a child that will develop into a happy, well adjusted person. Having 3 teenage daughters of my own, I often wonder if i will be faced with the situation that one of them may become pregnant before they are ready and i certainly hope that they would come to me first and feel that they can talk to me about it without the fear of having to 'tell mum'. I think most teens do a great job of raising their kids with the right support network, but I also feel that for a lot of them, they don't understand the full consequences of what they are going to endure and the sacrifices they will have to make in order to care for their baby properly. Charley has pointed out in her post that she attends a school that accomodates for the mums and their babies, I think a lot of school should be adopting the same att_tude and enable these girls (and boys) to continue on with their education as well as s help to support them and their babies.


Aleya - December 6

I'd say the governments in all countries that have high teen pregnancy rates should put money into making it mandatory for all teens (male and female) that are in their first year of high school to have a couple of weeks where they take home (can't remember the proper name) one of those dolls that resemble real babies. The ones that will cry whatever the time and their heads drop if you don't hold them right. They have chips inside to monitor how well they are taken care of. That would give a little taster of what to expect from a baby. And also they should have teen mothers come in to schools to give talks about their experiences. I'd certainly go and do it if I could save just one person from being as stupid as I was.


blah - December 6

blah blah blah some of us are raped


hal - December 6

Yeah and it wasnt aimed at the ones who are raped so grow up


TO HAL - December 6



Grandpa Viv - December 6

Redeem, You need to post URLs backing up your statistics. According to http://www.agi-usa.org/pubs/or_teen_preg_decline.html the teen preg rate dropped 17% between 1970 and 1997, and the decline continues. Similarly the proportion of s_xually experienced teenagers does not rise to 2/3 until the senior year in high school, see http://www.agi-usa.org/pubs/fb_teen_s_x.html (if those links do not work, try removing the hyphens except those in agi-usa). Births to unmarried mothers are much greater numerically, and are currently 1/3 of all U.S. births. I do agree that our s_x ed curriculum in this country is seriously lacking, geared as it is to abstinence only. IMHO one avenue to attack the problem is to teach parents how to talk to their kids about s_x. While many believe that s_x ed belongs in the home, few are willing to recognize that parents are not well qualified to do this, both because their knowledge of reproductive issues is not current, and because teens typically turn away when offered the necessary information.


Lucy - November 15

well, girls are not going to stop having s_x! if they did it once they're going to keep on doing it...well at this decade is is not a surprise that teenage girls start having s_x in an early age. most girls that have s_x in an early age is the fact that parents do not talk to their child about s_x. another is that they are to enberase to go to the clinic... there has to be a girl at there almost exact age so she could talk to them... i think that will be more cofnterbele for teen age girls to talk about..


- November 15



Hey? - November 16

How about a teen s_x ed peer counselor? Take a couple of girls from each cla__s- teach them all about s_x ed, birth control, conception, etc. It could really help. There would have to ba an adult person to oversee and to help with special problems/questions etc. Would it just be too contraversial for anyone to try?


Obviously - November 16

You guys aren't keeping up with politics or you would know why teens don't what they should compared to other industrialised nations. Bottom line is Abstinence is the s_x ed of choice through out the country. Only a few schools in the country actually teach s_x ed and are punished for it by having funds withheld if they are public schools.


To Grandpa Viv - November 23

Actually, it may appear to be going down, but agi does not collect stats on medically induced abortions. It is only surgical abortions that make it into their surveys. They wrote an article that covered this on the site you were on. Regardless of that, in 2002 1.29 million abortions occured. And, you can now get abortificant drugs online from Planned Parenthood's website, and they are only about $50 total. Which option do you think the teens will take?



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