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bellybubble - March 8

I posted this in infant care too, but wanted to get the opinons from here too: Hi all, Firstly I just want to say this is not something I do all the time so I dont want to get jumped on for being out of control or anything. OK - question is - is it ok to have the occassional glass of wine or two while br___tfeeding or not? I went and spent the day with my parents yesterday from about 2pm till about 8pm and had 4 glasses of wine over that period - now my bub didnt seem to be affected and they were spaced out with water and food also being consumed - I guess I just want opinions on this - I am not sure whether I should be drinking AT ALL while br___tfeeding - there are so many conflicting reports / advise out there - I guess I just want some other mummies opions / advise on this - of course I dont want to adversly affect my daughter at all in any negative way - anyway thanks for commenting and sorry for rambling haha :)


Krissy25 - March 8

There is probably no right answer to this question and i'm sure everyone has an opinion. I did have an occasional drink but i would then wait an hour or 2 before feeding. If i did have more than 1 or 2 it was at night time after my dd was asleep, that way i had all night to get it out of my system. Obviously this was when my dd was a little bit older and could sleep through the night. I don't think i drank at all the first 3 months. 4 drinks in a 6 hour period is probably more than i would have done but that is fairly spread out, it's probably fine as long as it is not something you do daily.


PreciousBaby19 - March 8

I would agree, every once in a while i dont see the harm. And if you wait a little while before feeding baby too. =)


bellybubble - March 8

Thanks for your comment ladies - well my little girl is almost 7 months but not sleeping through the night so I had to feed her at about 4 am - so I am hoping it was out of my system by then - I have decided to limit my alcohol intake to very minimal if at all now and IF i do decide to have a drink at a party or something I will limit it to 1 - I think it is probably safer - even though my dd seems happy and well I just dont want to risk it. Thanks!! Any other input welcomed...


amanda17 - March 8

I think I may have answered this question before but I can't remember. When I was b___stfed and not sleeping through the night, my mom would intentionally drink wine *while* b___stfeeding me to help me sleep. She'd have maybe half a gla__s. She did it with both my sister and I. I have no real physical problems, I don't drink even a sip of wine. My sister is a different story but since I turned out fine I guess there's really no point in going into that haha. I think limiting yourself to one is a good idea. They say that most things are okay as long as you don't over do it. It'll be fine.


guccigal87 - March 12

wine is also good for the begining if you dont have any milk or its not comming in fast enough a gla__s of wine helps that, i also drank a gla__s of red wine at the end of my pregnancy, my doctor thought it might help get me into labor which is didnt!!! LOL one gla__s is fine i wouldnt drink to much though


angelmonkey - March 12

i am also BF and was wondering this, i,ve never been a big drinker but the odd gla__s of wine is nice to have, im going to hold of on any alchole for now as my dd is only 4 1/2 weeks......gucci i drank a gla__s of white wine every now and then at the end of pregnancy and i sware it helped send me in to labour! 1. i went 6 days early with my first child. 2. everytime i had one i would have contractions which is why i kept doing every now and again, i think i may of had a a gla__s the night i went in to labour


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - March 12

You're allowed to have 8oz of wine without worrying. Just remember, your body metabolizes alcohol differently. If you feel like you might have had a little much, obviously it is unsafe to BF.



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