Drug Addict Father

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~*CBH*~ - July 19

I am 17 and 24 weeks pregnect with my first child, the father of the baby is on cocaine, weed, and any kind of pill he can get his hands on. I do not want him to have anything to do with my child because he will be a bad influence. He has gotten his mother to call and harass me numerous times and she is no better than he is when it come to the drugs. They have records and are very bad people. They keep insisting that I will not be able to keep the baby away from them, what should i do???


karen - July 19

how old is he? if hes an adult, then you should get the athourities involved. your still a minor. and i think its really bad that hes an addict, you should talk to him about counseling or something because he sounds like a threat to your little angel. good luck, hope to hear from you soon.


- July 19

have him sign his rights away!!! good luck


Mel - July 20

First off, because you arent married he doesnt have any rights anyway, and I'd say don't put him on the birth certificate as that gives them some rights. Every child has a right to see his/her father, but if you think it would be endangering your child to be near him and his family then maybe its for the best. Talk to him first and ask him if he is willing to try and quit for the sake of his child and his own health, and if he cant even make the effort inform him that you do not want your child around that, and that the child will be waiting when he has grown up and cleaned up his act. If they make it difficult for you, you can go to court and express your concerns over them being allowed access to your child and the effect it will have. Good luck xx


Rose - July 20

As an unmarried mom, I say that you should seriously look into your rights, they vary state by state, I know in Ma__sachusetts unless you go to court to get full custody of the child the father still has a right to see the child. I'd say get a restraining order before this gets out of hand. You have a child to think about now, and you should put that child first. Sorry to hear that you have such a bumpy road ahead. You'll make it through.


ems - August 2

This is something you need to talk to your parents about and the cops and a lawyor. Best of luck


Lisa - August 2

If he really cares for his child he will give up the drugs. He will only jeopardise his relationship with his child and will never be allowed to have visitation rights without supervision. If thats the kind of relationship he wants with his child, then thats a choice he makes. Your child has the right to be safe at all times. You have a while till the baby is born, in the mean time, find out what rights you have and your obligations as far as him seeing his child, don't worry about his druggie mum, she is the least of your problems at the moment. She has NO rights over your child. good luck with it all


Ashley - August 3

I was in the same situation as you (the father being a loser and all) and i told him that i had had s_x with someone else and that he was not the father, then i got my number changed and moved out of my parents house, and now he has no way of contacting me...it's nice


xx - August 4

al it takes is 1 call, u don't even have to use your name--if he is using like u say, they will find something on him as well as his mama. Ever seen cops? Just a simple traffic violation would give him time if you make the call and they are aware he is a user. Good Luck.


Steph - August 4

If you are being hara__sed by himself and his mother, your best bet is to have your mom take you down to your local court house and obtain a restraining order from him. Specifiy that you do not want him or any third party contact, i.e, his mom/dad/friends and also specify that you do not want him to be able to come within a two-five block radius of your work, school, or home. Once your baby is born, you can go through the state to initiate paternity papers that name him as the father and also require him to pay child support. You are also able to bring in his criminal background and the court can require him to have supervisied visitations as well as random drug testing. He can also be ordered to undergo counseling. Good luck to you.



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