Drugs And Pregnancy

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Liyina1 - January 30

Hi everyone. I'm doing an assignment for school and would like to know if anyone here is taking drugs while their pregnant. If so could you please e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] about why you did it. I'm also interested in what other people think of people taking drugs while their pregnant. Please post your options. Thankyou


Desire - January 30

I think that taking drugs when pregnent is fine if you don't do it to much. I don't plan to stop toking or drinking if I am. It makes me feel better and stress is bad for babys anyhow.


OMG - January 30

I cannot belive u Desire! Taking drugs when u r pregnant can so hram ur baby. Just like alcohol. Why would u want to do that to a helpless baby who is reliying on u! Why would u want to hurt a baby!


Keli - January 31

Taking drugs when pregnant is shameful, irresponsible, selfish and disgusting. Women who expect sympathy when their newborns are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the drugs they put through their tiny bodies should be shot.


katie - January 31

does tht not mean when ur baby is born its goin to b born addicted to drugs and alcohol???


becca - January 31

i think that people should either be able to stop smoking drinking drug taking when pregnant or if they cnt do that then not get pregnant at all i dont take drugs even when im not pregnent but as soon as i even thaught i was pregnent i gave up smokin an drinkin. i mean if the mother isnt willin 2 sacrafice for there baby when it needs her most then she isnt reli a good mother i no its hard but they should make then selves do it(thats just my opinioun thou)


leah - January 31

i think its totally wrong and yeah the baby cud b born addicted to drugd and alcohol.but i mean i jst had my baby to weeks ago and i give up everything and i mean everything for her and it was well worth it casue she means the world to me


Mistical - January 31

Are you refering to perscription drugs, or illegal drugs?


Liyina1 - February 1

I mean illegal drugs. And "OF COURSE THEY DO!!!" I was pregant at 14 and I didn't spend the money on drugs. I spent it on my baby.


Liyina1 - February 1



To Maddie - February 1

Can we get rid of you while we're at it? What a clown!


becca - February 1

i dnt no what sorta money gets given to people in other contries but i havent got any and im not getting any i dnt think im from england and ive never touched a drug in my life and maddie shut up because u really do not have a clue


... - February 1

to maddie- what is your deal? Are you jealous that these girls are getting some action and not you? Give it up already and get a life.



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