Drunken One Night Stand Now I Think I Might Be Pregnant

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kayleigh - November 3

i had a stupid one night stand with some lad i met in a club i was so drunk i didnt no what i was doing now i think im pregnant i havent came on in ages & i always feel sick in the morning but im also scared coz if i am pregnant one i didnt stay around to get the lads number & two my mum will kill me


j - November 3

thats stupid maybe you shouldn't go around having s_x with random people it s one thing to have a one night stand with someone you know but its another when you have no idea you they are thats a s___t! just tell your mom that. simply that you had a DRUNKEN ONE NIGHT ATAND WITH SOME GUY AND YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS!!!!


rae - November 3

I am pregnant too. how old are you. we can discuss how to tell your parents


To Kayleigh - November 3

If you did get drunk and are now pregnant, I guess you learned a lesson the hard way. When you find out for sure you are pregnant, sit your mum down and tell her......mom I got something to tell you..... She's must be told.


brownie - November 3

you poor thing


KM - November 3

Take a test, ASAP. And see your doctor to discuss your options.You don't have to tell your mom until you make your decision.And if you are pro-choice and chose abortion, abortion is confidential.


OMG!!! - November 5

that will teach you... keep ur legs closed next time ur out partying... also stop drinking if u leads to u f***ing a random boy and getting knocked up! SELF RESPECT!!!


KM - November 5

OMG!!!-Kind of Ironic how you're preaching about self-respect. At least im sure this girl has respect for others, you obviously don't.


k8 - November 7

stop slaggin er off! no1 no's wat there doing when they r drunk and get taken advantage of


Nicole - November 7

Please listen to me I had a very similar thing happen to me 6yrs ago and I had an abortion, that was the worste thing i ever did and regret it everyday, do not even consider it you will not believe what it does to your life it could ruin it forever, I still have serious problems, I would not tell you this except to try and help you, I don't want anyone else to go through what people who have abortions go through



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