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Jamie - August 8

I had just either finished my period the day before or it was my last day when my boyfriend and I were having dry s_x with all of our clothes on...could I be pregnant?


.............. - July 16

okay little kids!!


adriana - July 16



------ - July 19



rich - July 19

A very trustful friend of mine, since childhood, warned me viciously about the possible pregnancies of dry s_x. His head is always on and is very knowledgeable. For those that say "nay", please, back up your side. I also want the truth.


brucen - July 21

FACTS on DRY s_x http://drdrew.com/office/faq.asp?id=1877 http://www.gurl.com/findout/fastfacts/pages/0,,623576,00.html



DRY s_x? my god do be serious!


trying to help - August 4

Alright she came here for answers not to be called stupid or laughed at. No hun, I don't think that is possible.


Steph - August 4

First of all... he most likly didnt' c_m during this :-p so ... low risk from prec_m... second... there's like... no way it could fight it's way through 4 layers of clothing... and 3. it was right after your peroid.. IE ... your least furtal time... all factors combined... I'd jump off a cliff before I'd say there's any chance you're pregnant :-P


m - August 4



haha - August 5

wow your dumb how the hell would the sperm magically apper in your crotch n make you pregnant?DAMN YOU HAD YOUR DAMN CLOTHES ON!!


joe - August 5

if you look i would like to do some research and find out togther


Shorty - August 8

This info has been taken froma PPFA Teenwire website: When both people are wearing underwear during s_xual contact, pregnancy is very unlikely, but not impossible. Pregnancy can happen any time that ejaculate or pre-ejaculate is spilled on the vulva or inside the v____a. There is no way to know the percentage of risk of pregnancy each time s____n comes in contact with the vulva or v____a — no matter how that happens. Women who are concerned about becoming pregnant after they have s_x may want to know about emergency contraception, which can be started within 120 hours of unprotected intercourse to reduce the risk of pregnancy, but is most effective if started within 72 hours. The only sure way for a woman to know if she is pregnant is for her to take a pregnancy test. It's best to visit a qualified family planning professional for a pregnancy test and pelvic exam to be absolutely sure. Hope this information helps!



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