Dry Sex

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kristen - March 12

HI i was just wonderin if u had dry s_x and u had no clothes on and ur boyfrend had a thin pair of shorts on could u get pregnant. his pants got realli wet and it got my va___a wet. Lately ive been getting realli badd heartburn and bachaches and headaches


to kristen - March 12

no honey, i don't think you sre pregnant if he was wearing shorts. Ignore the lat reply it has nothing of value in it. Just be very careful and if you're under age don't even be doing what you described above, it just isn't worth the risk. Enjoy your teens but don't fritter them away on pregnancy scares! xxxx


worried - June 30

hey thats wat i was wondering aswell...dnt worry about lolololol....i was wondering if you could get pregnant if the guy was wearing undies and boxer shorts and the chick was wearing undies and thin pants...but i guess you cnt....but can someone confirm that please?


nay - June 30

No, I don't think you are in danger either. Just be more careful next time. Heartburn, backaches and headaches don't sound like pregnancy symptoms to me. Behave and God bless!!!


hmmm - June 30

just a question...if both people are wearing clothes...guy wearing undies and boxer shorts....and girl wearing undies and thin material pants...the girl cnt get pregnant...can she??....i mean there was no penetration and the guy didnt ejaculate...and if there was prec_m what would the chances b of it going through the clothes??..what are the chances of her getting pregnant....??


~*~C~*~ - June 30

I personally dont think that you are pregnant.But itis very easy for liquid to seep through clothing. If you put a drop of water on your shirt it wets the otherside. On that note I would take the change again. Plus if there was body fluid exchange you could be at risk for a std. If you dont ge your period you should go to the doctor for a pregnancy test and while you are there they can test you for stds. Good Luck. ~*~C~*~


nikki - June 30

kristen I don't think you can get pregnant,when your b-friend had a pair of short on.but just go get a test done,there is places out there where you get free test done good luck!! nikki


abc - July 1

Its possible for you to be,If your v____a was wet.


OMG!!!! - July 1

ok...well ive gotten my period twice since i had dry s_x...everything was normal.....but im still abit worried...i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative....we had clothes on...he had undies and boxer shorts and i had undies and thin pants on....he didnt ejaculate or anything...so could i be pregnant...even if there was pre c_m??


Cj - September 1

I was wondering if you could get pregnant by dry s_x...my man didnt have anything on..but i had undies and pajama pants on...could i getpregnant by that? i dont think anythin came out of his p___s...but im nervous coz my stomach has been hurting..but it was only like 2 weeks ago?? please help!!! email me !! countryca__s04@hotmail.com



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