Dry Sex In Hot Tub Am I Pregnant

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scared - June 12

Is it possible to get pregnant while you still have your swim bottom on, his is off, and there is no intrusion but definite contact( Not under the suit, over it). He never came, but in that situation i am sure that he had some pre- ejaculation. Also i understand from audrey's "sperm 10" submitted earlier that sperm will try reach a va___a even if they are near it but not in it, even with "wet underwear" (The bathing suit was definietly wet). But i also understand that sperm will die with contact to very hot water. The hot tub we were in was around 105 F. and we were in it for about 2 hours, on and off. As there was no penetration, im confident that the sperm did not get anywhere without extreme contact with the hot water. I am a little worried however that i might still have gotten pregnant, but there are certainly many variables against it. i am due for my period in about 15 days, but im very stressed and hope it isnt longer. I just need to know my chances of getting pregnant. Please help.


Grandpa Viv - June 12

15 days before your period is the most fertile time of month. You need to quit messing around during your fertile window Days 8-16 of 28. Which said, there is a vanishingly small chance of pregnancy from what you describe. Quit worrying. Something like this is usually a preamble to going further. It's time for you to get prepared with condoms and a bachup (v____al spermicide or hormone-type). Goodluck and happy hunting!


Audrey - June 12

Scared- Grandpa Viv is correct. However since you were in a hot tub the chance that the sperm survived to reach their destination is smaller. Sperm production and long-term survival is best within 2-4 degrees Celsius below normal body temperature. A 105 F (40.5 C) hot tub is well above the normal body temperature of 37C. So any sperm in the water would likely have died quickly.



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