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baby - December 10

what is the earlyes you can feel that your pregnant because i havent missed a period yet but i swear im haveing signs?could i be or is it all in my head


karen - December 12

i'm having the same exact problem.. people tell me its all in my head but im still worried.. i used a condom and everything.. hopefully im just paranoid?


baby - December 12

well when will you find out for sure i have to waint till the 20 of dec


E - December 12

The early signs are much like those that you get around your period. Some women have exaggerated symptoms, like those of a period but worse, and others (me w/ all 3 pregnancies) feel like their period is due any moment.


Erika - December 12



baby - December 13

could i take one right now and find out i had s_x on dec1 or is it to early


bump - December 13



Kar - December 13

Every woman is different and some get symptoms earlier then others. Breast tenderness, tiredness, feeling sick, thick white discharge are all typical of pregnancy. But its really not something you should stress about now because stress alone could delay your period! ... so try not to get stress or excited until you actually get a positive pregnancy test!


baby - December 13

well right now i have b___st tenderness i get pains in my lower stomch and b___st i pee more ofter and im tried more my period is due the 19 ill just waint like till the 21 is that good? i also dont let my self get stressed about it


?? - December 14

im not sure


EmiLY - December 17

hey i am ScaRed i might be PreGnET i Am 15 i made a BiG MiStakE i got Caught in MOment and yeah it was my first time and yeah it hurt really bad and he only had it in me for like 5 sec. and i am not sure if he came and yeah my pierod is like 3 weeks away and i asked my firend and she says i am most likly not pregnet becuz she said the first time she did it she bled. and he didnt even have it all the way in soo yeah i am just nervous and it is racking my week my grades my chrismas and everything becuz i am making my self sick thinking about it PLEASE help! thanx much love! EmILY


baby - December 26

update-i still havent had my period its a week late i took a pregnancey test like 2 or 3days ago it said neg.ive been haveing alot of signs but lately i havent been wanting to eat ill go to eat and i feel if i eat it im going to throw up is that normal?when should i take another perg. test???


kry - December 28

i'm about 3 weeks late me and my b/f was foolin around when he just slightly touched me for like about 30 seconds and i am worried that i might be pregnant. not really having any of the early signs but i cant handle being pregnant now i'm 20 and in school still... what should i do??


Hilary - December 28



erica - December 28

if your b___st hurt and your really sleepy its best you get a pregnancy test


Hilary - December 28

To Erica: The doc adds 2 weeks so you found out 1 week after s_x?


Mariana - January 6

This is for emily, Hon if hes thing was only in you for 5 seconds you can still get pregnet. Even if he didnt have an eruction. Sperm could still come out and well the sperm could live a couple of days. So it doesnt really matter, its just basiclly a matter of luck.



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