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iloveyou072510 - February 21

I was wondering how early you felt symptoms? && what symptoms did you experience? -KayyThanks


Grandpa Viv - February 21

Symptoms can start at implantation, a week before your next expected period. Weird cramps, spotting, fatigue, more peeing and lotion discharge are a few possibilities. Did you have unprotected s_x close to ovulation, typically 14 days before your expected period? Test when late using first morning pee. GL!


iloveyou072510 - February 22

Yeahh; && i've been having weird symptoms too. I don't know if it's the possibility of being pregnant or maybe i'm just overreacting. I'm just not sure what to think.


Grandpa Viv - February 22

Teens can scare themselves into symptoms. They can also have real symptoms but have the pregnancy fail to stick. You just have to keep your fingers crossed and take a couple home pee tests if your period is late or light. I am hearing you did have unprotected s_x in your fertile window - date of s_x and date of expected period, please?


iloveyou072510 - February 24

the last time I had s_x was the eleventh; && i'm not quite sure when my next period is, i think it's supposed to be sometime around the 27th?


Grandpa Viv - February 25

If your period is due Sunday 27th, ovulation would have likely been Sunday 13th and sperm from s_x Friday 11th would have lived inside you that long. What kind of protection did you use for your encounter, if any? If your period does not show on Sunday, buy a two-pack home pregnancy test and use one on first pee Monday morning, dip method. Repeat a week later if still in doubt. Let us know how it goes. GL!


iloveyou072510 - February 26

We had used a condom, but after we finished and everything we noticed that it broke. && I took my first test yesterday, first thing in the morning. Just to see what it would say, I got a 'not pregnant'; So next saturday, If i don't get my period, then I'm going to try again.


iloveyou072510 - February 28

blood? i noticedd it this morning. it wasn't anyy big amount norr was like the colorr of a periodd. what could it bee? :/


Grandpa Viv - March 1

One in four pregnancies has bleeds lighter than a normal period in the first trimester. Also the unused lining of the uterus has to come down, usually "old blood" brown. If you are getting pregnant you would more than likely be experiencing early pregnancy signs about now - fatigue, more peeing, weird cramps, PMS signs that are somehow different.


iloveyou072510 - April 11

I haven't really been on in awhilee, because I guess after I got "my period" I didn't think there was muchh going on anymore. After the negativee on the pregnancy test too, I kindo figuredd that maybe I wasn't pregnant. But now likee, after a month or so of not worrying about it. Someone else brought to my attention, that things havee changed with me. My sister thinks I look pregnant. I'm not really sure what I should do from here now..


Grandpa Viv - April 11

Did you get a normal period the last week of March?Take another test. You would be 10 weeks pregnant by now, and it is surprising that you have not been on complaining of nausea feelings, at the least. The hCG hormone should be sky high by now, and a test any time of day would show it. Let us know!


babygirl17 - May 2

im 16 and been feeling alot of pregnancy sypmtoms ,me nd my boyfriend never used a condom and i gained weight in the past 2 weeks ,i dont eat that much so im not sure how, i had a period on april 10 it was heavy nd brown a little bit then it waas light for 3 days, i think i shuld of got my period may 2nd nd didnt im not sure if im pregnant or not



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