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loverlyme - February 27

Im curious about Plan B. The day after my period I had s_x and then took an EC. Six days later I got a period, or I think it was a normal period. It lasted about 3 days. I had someone suggest that it was spotting, but I didnt think that spotting was heavy with blood/heavy flow. I would just say it came early because of the EC, but six days later after taking it? Especially since I finished a period the previous week and I normally have a 28 day cycle. Another thing, I normally have 6-7 day period spans, and this one lasted 3-4 days, does this have anything to do with the fact that i had a period the week before? I also heard that sometimes bleeding occurrs when conception takes place, the second period also happend a week later after i had s_x. HELP!!


Mommy - February 27

You taking EC can mess with your periods if it works or you aren't pregnant. I took it once and it messed my period schedule up a little bit, too. If you are very worried, take a test if you miss your next period. Otherwise, don't stress too much and use protection whenever you have s_x.


loverlyme - February 28

Thanks for your response, I feel a little better, but Im so thrown off by having two periods back to back, I dont know when to expect the next one.


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Yes, for some EC induces an early bleed, and for others it delays the next period by as much as a couple of weeks. A condom with backup of hormones or v____al spermicide is a far better method of contraception.


loverlyme - March 2

I was wondering if anyone could help me out a little on when to calculate when to expect my next period. I have about a 28-30 day cycle, and I dont know if to calculate from the period I had before I took the EC, or the one that came early, 6 days after I took the EC. the second one also came a week after I ended the first one, so I'm not sure which one to go with.


Grandpa Viv - March 2

Difficult to say, but the body's clock is difficult to upset even if you shake it a little. Maybe the next period will come 2 months after the last regular one. Use good BC in the meantime.


loverlyme - March 3

I know it sounds silly because I took the EC but, if I dont get my period according to the first period, should I take a pregnancy test? I know the chances of being pregant are low, but things happen. Thanks for your comments!



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