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help! - September 13

ok i did E everyday for about 4 4/12 month straight,and i dont mean just like 1 or 2 pills a day i mean like up to 8-10 somenights even more....and when i was a month prg i didnt know, and i was still doing E. when i was 12 weeks i found out i was pregnant and before i found out i cut down i only did about 5 pills every weekend for like 1 month...i never drank not one' really scared for my baby! i dont even look at the shit now it ruined my life (not by getting pregnant),but it does lot's of crazy shit to your body and mind. I live at home with my mom now and she's helping me with everything she's really great!!


Lisa - August 27

Any type of drug can cause damage to a fetus. It does not matter how far along you are. You really need to go straight to your OB/GYN and be honest with them about the Ecstasy so they can take the proper action to help you and your baby. In the meantime, start a prenatal vitamin, eat right and exercise- nothing strenous. Best of luck!


Amber - August 27

Please do not use E for the rest of the pregnancy. The only information I could find for you was NIDA based. NIDA has lied to the public, and done flawed experiments with MDMA. I found some scary information on this website . PLEASE don't use while you are pregnant. However keep in mind that NIDA is not a good source for MDMA information. You can also check out I personally know several girls that took MDMA while in their first trimester, and all their babies were fine, but that doesnt speak for everyone. PS. Where the hell did you get so much X???????? :)


help - August 27

I haven't touched it in almost 2 months now, i'm never going to touch it again!! My boyfriend and me were "big time" dealers and we sold lot's of E and that ment all the free E for us b/c we made so much money.


brittany - August 29

aw please talk to your dr. i smoked (marijuana) through my pregnancy, because i didnt know up until 2 weeks ago i was even pregnant (i'm now 5 months and have pretty much stopped) but one of my dr.'s main concerns after i told her that was if i had done E, or cocaine cause those can be 2 of the worst things for a baby. But i'm sure you'll be ok :o) Just make sure you talk to your dr!


Selena - September 13

Im scared I am a heavy marijuana smoker. For the last 2 yrs. Up untill a week ago when i found out i was preego i was smoking at least 3 joints a night. Im 7 weeks preg (just found out last week) and i so nervous that my baby is harmed...


Brittany - September 13

Selena- I too smoke frequently, and I did up until my 4th month because i didnt know I was pregnant..I told my doctor and she said they arent any definite problems with marijuana throughout pregnancy and some doctors even recommend a hit or two a day during the last weeks of pregnancy for disomfort. I, as well as a few friends of mine, have seen our babies on sonograms and such and they're prefectly fine..Dont worry :o) Just tell your doctor and they should rea__sure you..


help - September 15

obviously you could die from that, but when you get addicted you dont think of that, and my babies dad is my boyfrieend of a yr and a half.He's the only guy i've ever been with.I have my education i've already graduated highschool. Yes i need my mom too help me, but even if i was 25 i'd still need her there to help shes my mom.


J - September 16

Wow, this is defiantly kind of crazy. I started searching online to find answers and I find someone else who's situation is practically identical to mine. The difference in my situation is that I was using cocaine aswell. When I had found out that I was pregnant I wasn't sure what to think or do. I'm not an addict I haven't touched either since. The health of my baby is definitely more important than partying by far. My main concern lies in the fact of the severity of damage that has already taken place. I don't know, as far as my situation goes I would rather end the pregnancy than have a child with a severe birth defect. One thing I have learned from a real MD is that the fetus is not directly linked to the mother's blood stream the first few weeks of pregnancy. So the exposure during that period would definitely be minimal. I believe I'm about 7 wks. at the most 8. I guess I'm still looking for more answers like yourself. I haven't made a Drs. app. yet, besides this is definitely something I want listed in my file. Maybe between the two of us we can find out more. Hope to hear from you, or even someone else that may have an answer.


neil - September 22

My wife and I didnt know until the 6th week, and days before that we used to do some E , marijuana, cocaine and meth, though we never exceeded a tab each and we partied only twice. We found out about the pregnancy when she bled because of a threatened abortion. The doctor said the baby would be fine, as she already had many patients who were heavy users and the babies all turned out fine. Just continue taking care of yourselves by eating right, and stop any harmful substances. It might also help if we all let go of the fear and start letting the good vibes in, after all that's what a healthy baby needs.


Why? - September 23

Why are people stupid enough to take drugs in the first place?


De - September 27

All druggies are losers, and especially the original poster and her boyfriend as they were dealers, in other words they got more people hooked on drugs. I call people like you parasites. That poor child. For people that say multiple pills can kill, thats not totally accurate, ONE pill can kill.


To De - September 27

Learn your facts. One pill CANNOT kill you. There have only been 2 deaths reported due to ecstasy, and ecstasy alone. It is nearly impossible to die from one hit. As these cadavers were not tested fully. It was just known that they had injusted an ecstasy like substance. It could have been PMA, which is sold as E frequently.Stop listening to the lies that you are fed. It takes a 220 pound man over 35 hits, at once to die. And that is way too expensive to mess with. Deaths from E are usually caused by people who have no clue about it, like you, and don't drink any water and dehydrate themselves. Learn the facts. I encourage you to get educated and watch this movie. Its kinda long, but take it from Peter Jennings himself. .Get educated and stop spreading false propaganda!!!!!!!!!


Jane - September 27

What about the occa__sional joint?


De - September 27

Obviously don't know who you are talking to... I've seen it every day. You really want to make people think that taking drugs is safe in small doses? If you don't believe one pill can kill you go and speak to Leah Betts' parents and I'm sure they will clean that one up for you. Don't be so naive. I don't need to see a movie to know what its like, I live in it every day. I've seen Trainspotting and its nothing compared to the real thing. Drugs are pointless, they destroy lives and no-one should be encouraged to do them at all. It's no good saying if you do it 'correctly' you'll be ok. Would you encourage teenagers to take them 'correctly'? Or are you trying to defend yourself or all the drug dealers out there?


To De - September 27

EDUCATE YOURSELF! Read the Leah Betts' story. AND Don't run your mouth untill you know your facts. She did not die from E. She dies cause she was stupid. And YES! I encourage, people to use CORRECTLY! Ask anyone who is educated in the field correctly, not someone who listens to propaganda, (like you) and they will tell you it is safer than taking in a gla__s of wine. However you should not use drugs, of any kind when you are pregnant. So De, do everyone a favor and stop spreading false information.


Miss No name - September 28

I know you dont give two Flying F*cks about the facts, you just need to run your mouth. Its people like you that live the bubble of false information. Are you angry that I proved you incorrect? I will not post here anymore, as this is not a forum of arguing with small minded individuals. It is a forum for helping out people, not lying to them. You are still clueless. How did E ruin your family? Did mommy get mad at her child and ground them? Thats the only way that it could ruin the family. Get a clue De, and stop being an ignorant sheep. I think that X would be just the thing to make the bug crawl out your a__s.



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