Ectopic Pregnancy

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amanda - September 13

what is an ectopic pregnancy exactly .. anyone one here ever had one ??? because my stomache is weird and i get sharp pains latley an the online preg. test said i could be having an ectopic pregnancy ?


Viv - September 14

The sperm and egg always meet up in the fallopian tube that goes from your ovary to the uterus. The blastocyte then travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus where it implants. In some cases it doesn't make it all the way, and implants in the fallopian tube where there is not enough room for it to grow. After a while, and with intense pain, the fallopian tube breaks, with results as serious as appendicitis. This is the second time I have heard of that on-line pregnancy test. I need to go find it, and you need to go to the doctor in a hurry.


amanda - September 14

.. yeah i posted the online test a while ago its ... im gonna try n go to planned parent hood thursday


Pamela - September 15

Amanda I am 30 & had an ectopic pregnancy which is also known as a tubal pregnancy. It is when the fertilized egg remains in the fallopain tubes. Anyway, I was on fertility drugs so mine was discovered early prior to my experiencing any pain. Mine was discovered b/c my HCG level was going up (verifying pregnancy), Progesterone was decreasing rapidly (verifying that uterus is not prepared or preparing for implantation), and a transv____al ultrasound showed the embryo in my left fallopian tube. Anyway, the pain comes from it growing or rupturing. The pain you might experience is severe cramping in the abdomin or sharp pains on one side or another, bleeding, pain in the right arm or right jaw, and fever. However, again mine was early into the pregnancy so it was caught prior to me having any symptoms. Anyway, if it is early into the pregnancy they admit you to the hospital & give you this iv drug (same as what they give cancer patients) and the drug dissolves the embryo. If it is late in the pregnancy or the first method does not work for an early pregnancy they must do surgery to remove the pregnancy. If it ruptures then they they have to remove the fallopian tube that it was in b/c it is damaged. If you think it might be an ectopic you need to get to a doctor quickly. If you are pregnant, you should see an OB anyway. Good luck. I hope this helps.


Sue - September 15

Listen to Pamela b/c she knows what she is talking about. I had a similar situation to hers. Take care.


amanda - September 15

im not sure if i am yet or nething im going to planned parenthood tomorrow after school to find out if im pregnant or not and if im not im gonna get the emergancy contreception pill just incase something happened yesterday..thanx a bunch :o)


ann - September 15

amanda i know how you fill but my question is will an ectopic pregnancy show up on a home pregnancy test?


Amber - September 16

Go to the DR. It may be something bad, or may be something minor like ovarian cysts.


Viv - September 16

An ectopic pregnancy would show up on hpt just like a regular pregnancy. It's there and its growing only because of the hCG hormones that hpt tests for. Remember that hpt is not that accurate in the hands of the average user.


Pamela - September 16

Yes, an ectopic pregnancy will show up as a positive HPT if the HPT is done correctly. With an ectopic pregnancy you still have increased HGC levels which is the pregnancy hormone. You can always have a blood test to confirm or deny a pregnancy. Good luck, girls.


Pamela - September 16

I meant HCG levels.


amanda - September 17

well i dont know yet i called planned parenthood and she told me to get the morning after pill and it was 25 bucks and i only had 9 so i couldnt .. so i gotta get about 15 more dollars so i can get a preg. test and if im not preg. gotta get the emergancy contreception pill by saturday ughh


Viv - September 17

This is totally weird! I'm surprised Planned Parenthood gave you that answer. For some reason they think you had s_x in the last couple of days without protection and need emergency contraception. Come back and tell us more about when you had s_x, when were your periods, and what are your pregnancy symptoms. The only question on the on line test that has to do with ectopic pregnancy is the one about sharp pains in the side. Or you can mail me at [email protected]


amanda - September 17

ok well a month or more ago i hads_x and i got my period at the end of august like i was supposed to but i just had a weird feeling that im pregnant on tuesday night i had s_x and i called planned parenthood yesterday i was gonna walk there from school its right down the street .. so i wanted to get a pregnancy test to make sure i wasnt already pregnant so i could buy the emergancy contreception but i dont think she understood but it would 30 dollars all together and i dont have that money .. i need to get it buy saturday or i might end up gettin pregnant ..


Viv - September 17

Amanda, you need to sit down with the folks at Planned Parenthood and ask for s_x education counseling. Having a pregnancy test would not show if you were getting pregnant from last Tuesday's s_x. It takes a week for the embryo to implant in your uterus, which is when you might get early pregnancy symptoms, and it is another week before a pregnancy test will show positive. Emergency contraception has to be taken within 72 hours of s_x. Today it is too late to take emergnacy contraception, and too early to take a pregnancy test. I am going to a__sume that you are not pregnant. Take your stash of money down to Walmart and buy some contraceptive suppositories. When you think you are going to get into some heavy petting or even s_x, slip oneof those deep into your v____a 15 minutes ahead of time, or whatever the instructions tell you. Then don't let a p___s come within striking distance of your v____a unless it is coverd by a condom. [email protected],com


amanda - September 19

i know that .. i wasnt sure if i was pregnant from a month or so ago .. you can take emergancy contreception up to 5 days after the unprotected s_x .. im going there tomorrow..


brucen - September 20

I think what Viv is trying to say is, if you became pregnant a month ago the morning after pill is not going to help you. If you suspect that you are already pregnant you should confirm that one way or another THEN --and only then---if you are NOT pregnant you can take the morning after pill. It does become less effective the longer you wait to take it, it is most effective if you take within 72 hours of having s_x. Also, try the Walmart brand Equate, they are pretty inexpensive. Usually you can get two for the price of one name brand, and it is just as good if not better than some of the named brands. Good Luck



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