Ejaculating Twice

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jules - February 1

What are the problems if my partner ejaculates twice because he comes really fast, so he continues with the same condom? Can I be pregnant?


andi - February 1

as long as he is wearing a condom you should be ok, many condoms do have a substance called spermacide-just an added protection against pregnancy. You all should though try to change condoms, between times


jules - February 1

Should I not be that worried then, if he always wears a condom and it never breaks?


S Lynne - February 1

Most condom packages say to not wear the same condom twice or do not continue use after he has ejaculated -- to remove the used condom and put on a new one. I have read somewhere that continuing to use a condom that has already been "filled" increases the possibility of a pregnancy, but I am not sure. Even if the condom doesn't break, if he doesn't pull himself out of you correctly, there is a possibility of spilling or the condom slipping.


katt - February 3

actually "andi" it isnt that many condoms have a spermacide its only the ones that say they do. The thing is that it can cause major irritation especially if use condoms that contain spermacide alot. And as far as ejaculating twic, its definitely not a good idea. The condom could get to full causing spillage and its much saver to switch between each ejaculation. plus what if it falls off. i mean with the constant motion going on and how slippery its obviously getting the condom could fall off or come off and get suck inside or you. (and believe me that really can happen)


Grandpa Viv - February 3

This doesn't sound like a good idea. Why don't you make him come the first time while you still have your pants on. Then, when he has calmed down and cleaned up, you can do it regular. For occasional s_x, it is a good idea to use v____al spermicide (foam or whatever) as a backup for the condom, and stay away from the fertile window days 8-16 of your cycle.



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