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babyonboard16 - January 26

Okay basically half the time I'm excited to have this baby and the other half I'm scared out of my mind. I know I could never put her up for adoption because it's just something I couldn't personally live with. But I'm really scared. I know my parents are here to help and I know the guy I'm with is here to stay, it's just like I don't want to grow up, Imean I'm okay with caring for her, I'm okay with having to get a job, but I'm scared to lose all freedom. Am I wrong to feel this way? Any advice?


babyonboard16 - January 27



abriamiacadia - January 28

whats bump mean? lol


babyonboard16 - January 28

it basically is what u put when ur thing isnt getting answered haha


apr - January 28

ok i gather u are 16 from ur name. correct me if I am wrong. Look, the step from being a carefree teenager, to being a 24 hour mother is huge. It doesnt make a difference at what age it is. At any age its a huge step and does take a lot of adjustment time. My pregnancy was totally planned and we are financially stable, and it still was hard getting used to there being another little person there who's cries have to be soothed, who has to be fed, bathed etc etc. It's hard work, and being a mother is not easy work at all. But eventually u do get used to it and as baby grows older, you get used to the schedule and deal with things easier. However you are the only one who can decide whether to keep your baby or not. If you do, then you have to know that you wont be able to run out and party whenever you feel like it. Your baby only has one mother and you cant deprive him/her of that. Your baby needs you and you will have to know that at the beginning especially you will be spending most of your days, feeding and changing diapers and rocking her to sleep.


Kaity - January 28

im having the same problem. my boyfriend wants me to consider adoptiong but there are too many wha ifs involved with that. But yes its been very hard for me too. i think its the motherly instinct telling us to be here and be good mothers. that we can do it. than reality is telling us we are going to miss everything. sigh. i think the hormones are not helping either.


RNstudent - February 1

I think it is very normal, what you feeling. You aren't WRONG to feel that way, that's HOW YOU FEEL at 16. But let me tell you, you CAN truly LOVE your baby And give him/ her something better through adoption. I say it that way, because I don't like the term "putting them up for adoption". Research this option before throwing it out completely. You NEVER want to "resent" your baby later because it was too hard. And it made you have to give up your teen years and grow up. That's not fair to them. There are parents out there waiting, with a good stable environment, without daily drama, who will be able to love this baby like an angel from heaven has been sent to them. And there are Open adoptions now. I know it would be the hardest thing you could ever do, but in some cases it's the hardest RIGHT thing to do. But you and the daddy will have to make that decision. But think it through. If you keep you baby, you MUST grow up, now. Leave childish things behind. It's important and your baby deserves the BEST. I know this is so hard and I'll be keeping you in my prayers each night, that you'll be able to do what is right and feel comforted through your decision. Hang in there Hun.


babyonboard16 - February 1

Well I have thought about it a lot lately and I'm sure I want her and everything is going a lot better I think it was those pesky hormones. I had a 3D ultrasound and she's beautiful.


Jessika2007 - February 5

you girls need to really think and really be honest with yourselfs are you young girls ready for the 24 hour responcibility? ask yourself that cause its a 24 hour responcibility once that baby pops out of you your life is over trust me I know I was 17 and had my first and now shes 6 going on 7 and I gave her up after I tried to see if I could do it but its really hard thats why you have to be financialy situated, and you have to make sure you have everything for a baby and patience you have to have all of of those things, and yes hunny your life is not over but its not your own life now you have to take care of your responcibility and that baby is number #1 you can't have the fun that would like to have......;..


BabyGirl15 - February 5

Jessika2007. . . Your saying 'lifes over once u have a child'? You have 3 kids, and u gave one away?


Jessika2007 - February 6

ok if you took it the wrong way what I said I apologize yes I have 3 kids I was'nt ready to be a mother at that age now I'm mature and I can take care of my kids, I gave her the best life I could give her I don't regret it either, but what I'm saying is that young girls think they know how to be a parent and you girls think its easy getting pregnant but it not being pregnant that makes it hard I'm talking about a 24/7 your baby needs come first look I don't want you to think that I'm bad mouthing you or saying anything negative towards you I'm not I'm just trying to give you advice because I started having kids at a early age....I'm here for anybody I do care about people especially women and being pregnant and all, I hope you girls will listen to someone alittle older and wiser in some ways...lol I feel old somedays too I pray for you all and I hope you do the right things in life for you and your baby.....


BabyGirl15 - February 6

I'm 20, and have a almost 8 month old baby girl! So you dont need to preach to me. And altho i dont agree with you saying 'lifes over once you have a child', thats the way you feel, not everyone else. Because I for one think life had just begun the day I brought my daughter into this world. Yes, its stressful from time to time but, no matter what age you are or who you are,thats the way its going to be.


aamaria - February 7

Its pretty late to be asking if they can handle responsibility now they are already pregnant isnt it? I dont think you understand that most of these girls already know its going to be difficult, I doubt one pregnant girl on here thinks its going to be a breeze. A lot are unplanned but they are making the best of the situation they cant change and they love their babies. Babyonboard I dont think you're wrong to feel like that it is a scary time, and you obviously realise that life wont be the same. But trust me all your freedom doesnt go away. The first few months are the hardest really. I know for the first couple of months of my dds life I didnt really want to go out anyway. Mainly that was due to being so tired! Personally i feel you can still be a teenager most of the time (without the obvious freedom) you can still laugh with friends. Its just baby comes first. Its good you got the support there because if you feel you need time out, theres someone to watch the baby (and no I arent suggesting dumping the baby on parents before anyone says that) I mean your bloke too. Everyone, even older mums (well especially older mums sometimes) have babysitters once in a while. You're totally justified in being scared, its such a lifechanging thing. But dont worry its not bad



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