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K-Lynn - May 22

I am pretty sure I want an epidural during delivery but I have a few questions for those moms who have already had them. Some women I have talked to said they hurt pretty bad and that their backs have hurt for several monthes if not years after having them. Is this the way it is for everyone or just some women? Any comments are appreciated :) Thanks.


erenimi - May 22

My epidural was absolutly amazing. I didn't even feel it go in, i was in so much pain from the contractions. I had no pain after either, and it made my labor sooo much better.


Mandy1984 - May 22

hey, I also had an epidural and it was wonderful, Most of my friends have had them and they thought it was great too!!! Like all medications there will be pros and cons but if there were more cons then it would be unlikely the medication would be used so often


San - May 22

Ditto what erenimi said


kristi17 - May 23

i had an epidural...and i was scared to get it cause i dont like the fact of it going into my back. i wanted it in my arm or somethin lol but once i got it i was fine. i didnt have pain or anything afterwards either.


Mommy - May 23

I had one with my youngest baby and there was a "window" where it didn't take. I felt the labor in my right side and it hurt really bad for about 3 weeks after that. It doesn't hurt anymore and it at least relieved the left side of my stomach and the epidural didn't hurt when it went in. The pain after that (the three weeks)was almost as bad as labor itself in the side it didn't take to. That doesn't happen often, though. Good luck to you.


midnight_drift - May 23

My mom told me that when you get an epidural, they time it with the contractions so you don't feel it much, because you're concentraiting on the pain from that. Good luck.(I'm getting an epidural too.)


EricaLynn - May 23

Ive heard good and bad things about epidurals, good being it takes alot of the pain away. The bad being it decreases your feeling of when to push and it can counteract labor contractions, especially if labor is induced. I dont think either of those is true all the time, but I just thought Id put in what Ive heard about it. Oh and if labor gets to intense Im going to get an epidural too.


K-Lynn - May 23

Thank you everyone for your comments. You've made it less scary!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!


Kay - May 25

To be honest when i had my epidural i didnt feel anything as i had such bad labour pains. It helped ALOT and i do recommened it if you have horrible pain. After the epidural though and now 8 months after i do have upper back pain i am not certain if its from the epidural its self although it happend after i had it done. Luck with everything ;)


alarsen - May 26

I agree I had an epidural and it wasnt bad at all. When I had my son 7 years ago they made you wait until you were so far along to give it to you BUT with my daughter 4 months ago they have changed some things! They dont make you wait. As soon as I got to the hospital I was 4cm and they gave me my epidural pronto. I wasnt even having any bad contrations yet. Also they numbed my back before giving me the epidural. Labor and birth was like a walk in the park and Im not joking.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 2

mine was great also. I was really worried about it but i LOVED it


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 4

I just had my baby 9 days ago so everything is still fresh in my mind. I LOVED, I MEAN ABSOLUTELY LOVED my epidural. I was in unbearable pain from the pitocin. I did not even feel my epidural go in, not any pain anyway, just a small amount of pressure. My back has been hurting a little bit, but just a small amount of discomfort. The back aches are definitely worth the comfort that the epidural gave me.



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