Eurovision God Help Us Lol

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PreciousBaby19 - May 24

Lol so those in the u.k or in europe will understand where i'm coming from this is the place to discuss what we thought of the c__p political voting for this ''song'' contest. Lol So last year was ridiculous..although had some awesome acts. Like ukraine, bulgaria, and moldova<, which was my favorite...because i LOVED the violin in the background. Now our year...was brilliant and added a little SOUL music into this diverse group. And..what we tied for cause no one likes the u.k because we sided with the u.s.a HAHAHAH....but i feel sooo bad for our soul singer this year cause he did sooo well and it was by far our best song and performance. Now russia won this year...load of c__p...who cares about a man with his shirt off and a guy with a huge ass nose skating on a surface thats not ice. OMG honestly....greece should have won...although besides greece i loved a little italian mofia going on there. Lol brilliant. nice song. Followed by my other favorites...armenia, denmark, lol i am going to get attacked for saying but i liked france this year...hahahaha i hated them last year..but i was soooooo loving and enjoying france this year. then Ukraine was another favo,..and last but not spain for some reason..i think it was cause i couldn't help laughing the wholllleee time. seriously p___sed off last year when my two favos didn't win...and lost to lesbians who walked in a circle the whole time....serbia....c__p....c__p...did not deserve to win. Anyway. lol wrapping this up...not only did my last year's favo not win...moldova and ukraine losing to the very political vote that was favos this year, greece and croatia didn't win either..and lost to another political vote...for russia. Lol well looks like we are heading to moscow next year....BY THE WAY...DID ANYONE SEE IRELANDS SONG AND READ THE LYRICS...LOL THEY SHOULD HAV LET THAT IN TO SEE THE EFFECT...HEHEHEH


TraceyC - May 27

Andy Abraham didn't deserve to come last. tactical voting i think


xx Louise xx - May 28

Wow someone from the Uk or Europe!


PreciousBaby19 - May 29

yeah i agree that he did deserve a lot of points.


Having # 2 - May 29

Precious Baby, you don't know me and I'm sorry to interupt this thread- but I just wanted to say that I really miss your piczo journal! I started coming to this site over 3 years ago when I was pg with my first baby, then started coming again when I was pg with #2. I found the link to your page on a thread here and loved reading your journal and seeing your wedding pictures! You and your dh are adorable together! So I was sad to see that the site's no longer there :(


AddysMummy - May 29

Sadly her piczo got deleted! We don't even know WHY they didn't tell her or ANYTHING it's so sad.. she might make another one though :( Cause she was my only friend on piczo lol and she did a really good job with hers!! Well, alrighty.



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