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waitngformyangel - January 17

so yesterday my fiance went to my ultrasound. which was a tv ultrasound very interesting.lol. [[im only 10 wks]] anyway the nurse was doing her thing and making sure everything then when it was time to see the baby on the screen she said well we have a few things going on here...''one the baby was still too small to determine a heart beat and two it seems that you are meant to have more than one baby!'' [[yes thats right, twins]] i wasnt as shocked as my fiance just because twins run in my faily and apparently they run in his family too. :] so what are the odds. :] the babies will be due aug 14th im thinking more july just because twins are normally born early which im a little scared about since i will most likely deliver c-section. but with god ill be able to do it.so my question is ''is there anyone else out there expecting twins or who has had twins?'' and if so ow far along are you. thank you for your time replies would be greatly appreciated. god bless!


newbaby2009 - January 17

Congrats on the twins! What is a tv ultrasound? The babies are too small to determine a heartbeat at 10 weeks? Ive never heard of that.


JT1118 - January 17

congradulations.Twins!!! thats so cool.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - January 18

Congrats :)


natashajo - February 12

i was so excited to read your post, I myself actually just started another post asking if anyone was expecting twins. I have had two ultrasounds the first because the we were unsure of my due date. On the first one they only saw one baby. I had the second ultra sound because like you the doctor felt they would have trouble hearing the heartbeat. So at like ten weeks four days i had my second ultrasound. My boyfriend didn't come along that day but my mom did. She was watching the screen and I saw her eyes get really big. She ask the doctor if there was two of them and when he said yes I think I about pa__sed out. My forty week due date is 8/28/09 or if you go by thirty seven weeks it's 8/7/09. I have been really tired and sick. I am already starting to show. My twins are fraternal and there heartbeats were 171 and 176. Let me know how things are going I would love to keep in contact. I am really nervous about having twins it would be nice to have someone going through the same thing. Although you are due like two weeks before me. Cool.



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